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Science originated out of the search fore a way out of church dogma.
Few people realise how they, and their culture, have been conditioned into belief.
In Europe, the belief conditioning by the Inquisition served the political power of ‘Rome’.
Many scientists are often asked how they reconcile their alleged impartiality as scientists, and their being partial to a(ny) church.

The questions about church and state, morality and dogma are resolved when regarded from the perspective of Reflexes and Beliefs.
The concept of Reality can then be understood to be a realisation.
Therein Beliefs, and Reflexes, together determine the outcome; the result.
Both are based on the same principles as by which we can see that our bones are formed.

This takes the discourse our of the context of discussion and comparing opinions.
Instead it makes it possible to examine whence ideas originate, and which purpose they serve.
This takes away any basis for comparing/contrasting church and science; conditioning and contemplation.
It brings (for both, science and religion) the basis open for exploration: what is the origin and purpose for their beliefs?

Science seeks the basis for understanding in self defined definitions.
Church seeks the basis for its belief un unquestionable dogma.
Church represents the mindset of subjugation to the authority of another.
Science represents the mind set of autonomy and sovereign being.

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