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In our body, and mind, we have a Blind Spot compensation system.
As s result, we do NOT see the (many) Blind Spot(s)  in our body.
Nor do we see how they operate in our mind.
We must look deeper to sEe how this system functions.

The compensation system operates IN the system interface.
It is the domain which System theory calls “the 3rd Order System”.
1st Order: the System State, 2nd Order: the System Variation.
3rd Order: the System Critical Boundary; 4th Order: System Transcendence.

At the system 2nd Order, Science can no longer offer descriptions.
This is because beyond that level, system structure starts to decay.
That means that we no longer have words to use for description.
The system simply 'goes on', but can no longer be described.

From the 3rd Order onward, words loose their descriptive meaning.
That means they can only be used in/by/as/for "Abstractions".
This is what we find in science: where Physics becomes Mathematics.
In science, mathematics is now the core tool for formulating formulae.

That means that science has become a primarily Mental Model.
The operation of Mathematics is the instrument for manipulating ideas.
The rules of this thinking-tool are determined by (Abstract) Logic.
That is where we use ideas, to determine our use of ideas.

This can be compared to using a mirror to observe a mirror.
We cannot use words to understand/describe/define words.
We cannot use ideas, to formulate/define/describe ideas.
We must look deeper, in our body, what ideas are, and how they originate.

It is at that level that science becomes, is, one with religion.
Both science and religion seek to come to know the unknown.
Religion defines the unknown in terms of the past; tradition.
Science defines the unknown in terms of the presents: research.

Research however is guided. defined, by the ideas of the researchers.
That means that existing knowledge is the starting point of studies.
Compare it to a next step on a journey; one step after the other.
Which limits the scope/rage of the step from the known into the unknown.

Mysticism does, but Religions do not want to take the step into the unknown.
Churches claim that they own, monopolise, the unknown; which they call god.
“God” is a word, juts like any word, and like every word it is a pointer.
In this case it is a pointer towards an abstraction, in fact: the abstraction of abstraction.

‘God’ is a word, but not an explanation.
It is an abstraction for our use of words.
It is an abstraction on how to deal with abstraction.
As a word it is dysfunctional, because it can not have any meaning.

God is a word akin to infinity; in essence it is the same word.
God is a word akin to "="; in fact it is the same word/operator.
God is a word akin to every mathematical function; which it is.
God thereby is assumed to be equivalent to every variable and value in mathematics.

The core word of religion, 'god', is a Singularity; a word to indicate every non-word.
Evidently people in religion will realise the importance of the word ‘god’.
It is the word which identifies the limitations to our knowledge/understanding.
But this does not give the word meaning; it gives the word non-meaning.

The word god is equivalent to the symbols infinity, =, +/-/..., x and 1.
Mathematics offers specific descriptions for the proper use of its symbols.
This is equivalent to the description of angels and demons in theologies.
It is the same as the formulation of the meaning of symbols in mysticism.

In each case we are still dealing with the use of ideas to define ideas.
That is by definition a vicious cycle ("mirrors reflecting mirrors").
It is, by definition, the transition of the 3rd Order of a System.
That 3rd order, is the Critical (Singularity) Boundary of the System.

In our body we se how this Third Order System operates.
In our body, as elsewhere, it is the System Boundary as such.
This spans the cell membrane, organ capsules, connective tissue and our skin.
The body system which organises this is called "the Regulatory System".

The regulatory system operates at the electromagnetic level.
That puts it at equal at the level of atomic organisation.
That is where we find the interweaving of electricity and magnetism.
It is the interface of the wave nodes of information and matter.

That is the pivot of functioning of our "Blind Spots".
The compensation for Blind Spots is "Faith".
Blind spots are the singularities (blind holes) at the 3rd Order level.
Faith is the information for their compensation at the 4th Order Level.

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