Work Notes Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

The mini-conference

an in depth meeting of minds

A scientific dojo (workspace)


reasons, organic growth

meeting ideas

personal reflections

inaugural paper  for the Sophist Society


virtual inaugural lecture


symbol , heraldry

register it as trademark

patent the conference concept


joint papers process


publish in our own way

web publishing

10 pages for three year olds

fe-male rule; with waltraut

ongoing discussion in the methodology paper on mini-conference


mini conference/cd text

5 aspects of consciousness

- use the available papers

joint aspects of consciousness




- matti - self, quantum jump

- michaelS - interaction between categories




- bug management program, catch excetions; secluded domain in the website

- michaelH -

full spectrum of social involvement, relate to traditinal formulations - i ching etc, togethr with Waltraud. human involvement

 - matti - numeric quantities, interoreted as space, infinite primes, modelling piadic factors, mathematica , unitary operators

- goro - universal possibilities, formal symbolic representation, reformuating the discrete topology in cntinum illustrations, long term program

- otto - conferencing paper; how to evolve integration of ideas, implementation, apllication; in nature, in town.



- goro - categories, compare the views, quantum jump/existence as category, extend own formulaton, unique category?

- heather - arrows as basis

- schreiber - distinctions, spencer brown, practicai, piadic fractals, cognitive representations, Mathematica programs

- otto - organic views


HEATHER - not knowing the presentations of others-

all others are subsumed in this approach

- otto - languaging syntax, pragmatics: pragmatics

- goro - instantation of this word, explicating details.

- matti - exporing the quantum jumpm identifyig consciousness

interating all these models for the world to see

- methodology will clash with all models; justification is neded link to natural langu ge,

heyting algebra

- Michael Schreiber; ?



integral conscousness

sophists meeting



Next year week 21 june




smorenburg conected 1n motion

gerard center of connectedness

guusje presentation centre








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