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Formulation of Consciousness
The Presentations Package

Welcome to this CD-Rom, presenting a meeting that took place in Amsterdam, July 2002

The meeting addressed an urgent need in Science: a need to come to a practical formulation of Consciousness.

Consciousness has, in science, been ‘taken for granted’.
Consciousness is used, but not calibrated, not often studied, nor generally described.
The effects of consciousness, and altered states of consciousness, are therefore not understood in science; and its effects can not be accounted for.
The assumption that all people share the same (state of) consciousness, is false; but this can not be established or verified if consciousness is not studied, nor understood.


This meeting formed an essential step towards a reconsideration of this assumption,
by regarding Consciousness as essential in Science
This meeting offered a fundamental reconsideration in this respect.

Underlying the get-together was the realisation that our consciousness gives rise to the formulation of Language: language will therefore always be more limited than consciousness, and needs to be understood as such.
Yet, by 'reverse engineering', it is possible to see that language is an expression of the processes in our mind, thus of consciousness.
More specifically, that the formulations of mathematics can be considered to be "a musical score of the choreography of the dance in our mind".


The participants, together, brought out the essence of this meeting.
Different disciplines were represented, which, together, represented a wide range of perspectives, from the subjective to the objective approaches in consciousness, and the abstract mathematical to the practical physical perspectives.


    The participants that were present at the meeting were

    • an ontologist,
    • a discrimination theoretician,
    • a category theoretician, a sheaf theory mathematician, and
    • a quantum conscious(ness) physicist.

    At the same time, present-while-absent, were ...

    • a cognition-psychologist,
    • a quantum consciousness physicist,
    • a gravitation physicist, ...

    A MetaThematician served as the integrator of the meeting.

    The relationship between the participants will be separately described.


The method, in which the meeting took place, was that of a mini-conference, which will be separately described. It is a format designed to enable an optimal open mind meeting with the ideas of others, to enhance and empower the models each of the participants uses.


The outcome of the meeting is at two levels: immediate, and long-term.
The long term outcome is a design, and redesign of consciousness. A clear and crisp formulation of consciousness, in mathematical terms, with physical applications, a direct psychological relevance. That is: what is described, describes how we describe. In other terms, it formulates our reality in terms of our realisations; for which we can use the same formulations as are currently used in science, but now with an inverse interpretation: not as a description of what is 'out-there', but as a formulation of what takes place within us.

    One of the fascinating aspects of this meeting, is that consciousness is a frontier research domain in science.
    Which is surprising, because consciousness, and our use of consciousness, shifts in consciousness, forms the basis of science.

Those present, and present while absent, presented a clear demonstration of this. All have been presenting their work on consciousness, at conferences of science: each in their own field of discipline. Each had been heard, yet the implications of their work had been ignored: what they showed, to their colleagues in their field, was that the descriptions that they use, that they all use, do not only apply as descriptors for those specific domains of science, but also to the way that we think. Moreover, that the way in which we think defines and determines our findings in science.

Each of those present had been heard in earlier conference presentations, but nothing much had ensued from those presentations. By, now meeting up with each other, the share interest and work, Consciousness, became the pivot of the conversations; and all the different disciplines of science contributory to this


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