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How Time Matters

Susie Vrobel, O#o van Nieuwenhuijze

CETS explains how Time is a consequence of linking Energy in different manners.
This makes it possible to stabilise the volubility, characteristic for the Energy domain, into flexible and fluid patterns.
The various forms of fluidity that are characteristic for time {Thom, 4D Time, O#o} determine the time dynamics of creation in manifestation.
We see this principle in the ongoing changes of creation in the uniVerse we live in.

The following text shows images and examples - by music - of the coherence and complexity of the domain of Time.
Suzie Vrobel selected the sound clops, graphics, and links to the external web sites.
O#o described the underlying logic of coherence in transformation in 4D Time-space.
Together they wrote the texts which connect their findings.

    “Loopy Times”: the caprioles of Time in Sound and Image

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