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Forms of Energy:
Accounting for all changes in the uniVerse

Zachary Jones, O#o van Nieuwenhuijze

CETS explains the basis of Creation, and Energy Manifestation.
CETS shows that Energy is an interfacing phenomenon, a phase change on an interfase; for which inner-phasing is an appropriate description.
Zachary Jones and O#o describe how Consciousness/Gravity, Qi/Energy, Magnetism and Electricity are all interlinked.
The term Energonomics will be introduced: inverting one pixel in creation “makes a world of difference”.

In the following, O#o first explains the underlying Logic, then the concept of Energonomics, how this ties in information in manifestation, and how that applies in Heath.
Zachary Jones then describes how he found that Gravity, Qi, magnetism and electricity are all interconnected.
Together they then ‘dialogue’ to show you how their findings can be connected.
That leads to the conclusion:

  • gravity & consciousness are equivalent,
  • as are energy & Qi;
  • which means that we experience the complement of electricity & magnetism
  • as Consciousness & Awareness - in  our body.


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