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Minding Matter

Matti Pitkänen, O#o van Nieuwenhuijze

In this - basically- ‘snappy tour of Creation, O#o first describes a quick outline on the logic of creation.
Matti Pitkänen then, step by step, gives you a basic course into the physics of creation.

  • You will first learn how he came up with the idea - and his general findings.
  • Then, he will explain to you why he had to learn about new numbers and how they work: Piadics.
  • Referring to his papers he will summarise how physics is in fact phasics: a construct of Phase Space.
  • As a bonus you will learn - again, in reference to his paper - how he can describe consciousness in the same manner.

O#o will then bring all those findings together to help understand how we experience all that in our body.


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