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Aye, Yes, Susie,

You did not know it at the time, nor did i...
But by your presentation on the Time Fractal you closed the gap between science and religion.
I had already written my text “The Architecture of the Soul”.
But by understanding the Time Fractal, and the Equation of Health, understanding the soul dynamics was a cinch...

I already described that i had realised that every Boundary is a Filter.
It is surprising how long it took me to understand that a boundary IS a Field.
Why did it take so long? I did not describe their relationships in terms of Phase.
I was taught that change of phase at a boundary is a cause; instead of an effect.

Everything becomes MUCH more simple when a boundary IS change of phase.
No-change-of-phase, then is exactly the same; but known as a Field.
Why use two different words and definitions if in essence they are the same?
It makes much more sense to describe it all, EVERYTHING, in terms of phase.

Bert Verveen had already shown me his model/findings/understanding on physiology.
Stunningly simple: health is the preservation of stability of body process cycles.
If the cycles become too short, or too long, then balanced is lost, a.k.a. “disease”.
If the cycles loose their connection, the process dynamic collapses, a.k.a “death”.

This model makes clear that Anatomy <= physiology <= Regulation <= Integration.
I have since described this in a series of papers (my work on Integral Health Care).
The standard model however does not explain how those coherent cycles emerge.
For that, we need to understand the process of cell division and ... the Time Fractal.

We are not all the way there yet, because we need more insight in the formation of organs.
That, as you described, involves the concept of nesting and embedding; loops within loops.
It is implies in the image “0-<8”, which is a circle looping back on itself.
The Symbol “8” represents a Lemniscate which is the Möbius Loop which defines the relationship between all organs.

In that sense the first cell division (0-<8) contains the key to understand all organs.
Every organ forms part of a flow cycle in which the body ‘turns itself inside out’.
Yet, while this is the case, the body also ‘stays in its place’.
All organs complement each other; together they form the infinite-sign Möbius loop.

It is a scalable dynamic: cell replication cycle, cell division cycle, the organ Möbius loop, and the body Torus shape-cycle.
The Cell Divisions of the Zygote form the whole body by unfoldment.
But, by the metaphor of ‘slow lightning’, the unfoldment takes place in space, and in Time.
The attunement of the cell rhythms, and cell divisions, determine the integrity of our body.

I realised that in our body there are many Time Base based diseases.
Charles Rowlatt first drew my attention to this, in his description of cancer.
Cancer is a system disease; not a cell disease not a genetic disease.
Genes are the archive copies of the body experience and cell dynamics; see the work of Bruce Lipton.

In cancer, stressed cells fall back, one, more often 2 developmental levels.
They go, so to say, from being human to being animal (fight/flight) to being plant (fear/faint).
They operate as if they feel lost; alienated from their own habitual territory context.
They try to survive as best as they can - while in Information Hibernation.

The result is that they loose their syncronisation to the processes/processing of the body.
They simply keep on doing what they were doing, like a deaf musician.
The result is that its ‘music’/rhythm/growth starts to interfere with the rest of the body.
This understanding was one basis for my starting to write the Essays in MatheMusics.

DNA is as unable to create life just as a conductor’s baton does not create music.
Life is characterised by the ability to operate Freedom of Choice.
In our body we can see that Freedom of Choice operate by affecting phase change (Boundary >< Field)  in the interface (blind spot, singularity, anomaly, zero-point) at EVERY level: photonic, electronic, protonic/valence, neutronic/bonding; i described that elsewhere in the Science of Life web site.

That insight, of the cell division, the change of the membrane/interface, freedom of choice (phase change in the interface/wave-node) ties in with information (in formation) coherence: phase coherence.
I was lready aware that when people die all mater is still in place, but Freedom of Choice (Phase Change) is absent.
I already knew that in our body the Regulatory System is able to reset/repair the system boundaries by which we can adapt ti different climates.

I came to understand that the soul is the integrative regulative capacity for system integration.
It is based on the relationship between Nesting and Embedding.
Nesting, is the principle seen in the “System Patho Physiology” (Disease) of Bert Verveen.
Embedding, is the dynamic for (loss of) system integrity/embedding (Death).

Thus, we find that someone dies when freedom of choice is lost.
We see that loss of freedom of choice ties in with the information circulation in our body.
This integrative function operate ONLY in the system interface; as the Regulatory system.
That specifies that the Soul is the Integral information Integration System, operating as Freedom of Choice in the SSSS: System Singularity Stability Set, in the whole system.

Yep, we can now explicitly define Soul: the integral System of the System Singularities.
This takes place within the systemic set of cell divisions: for/forming the whole body.
Thanks to you, Susie, we can see that the cell divisions form, are formed by, a Time Fractal.
Soul thus is the dynamic of Freedom of Choice in the Time Fractal of/for body formation.

So you see Susie that you made my life so much more simple.
With that idea out ‘on paper’, i wish to pass the unfolding story back to you.
With yet another request: you mentioned a relationship between the (Time) Fractal and music.
Please, help me and the readers understand what you found, and why it is so significant for you?

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