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Ahh, Susie; inspiring!

Yes, fractals. Thank you for your description on how you got to know them.
For me, i curiously unknowingly knew about them before they were known.
For i did not know that i had found them, nor what significance they had.
I had simply stumbled on an equation which ‘repeated without repeating’.

It was also the time that in the library i found myself looking for strange books
One was on the geometry of the branching of trees, and rivers; in landscapes.
Large photographs showed me images, which i later recognised for arteries and nerves.
More interesting: i later met Flautist & Lightning expert Kennet Rand, who had an interesting tale:

After explaining to me how the Gizeh Pyramids were antennae, he explained lightning.
He had measured that lightning jumps a fixed distance; then waits a fixed time.
He had found that it was a very precise metric, ‘computing’ the optimal path for charge-discharge.
Lightning is not about the discharge, but about optimising potential!

Lightning in that sense is a zipper in space-time; showing that the two are connected.
That also helped me write the paper on STEC; Space-Time_Energy-Consciousness.
It explains that space, time, energy and consciousness are in fact ONE integral essence.
Each is a different part/aspect/representation/experience of our own involvement.

What i had found, from the ideas on River Branchings, Trees, Arteries and Lightning predated the publications in the Fractals.
Then, when fractals were first published, i did not see much relevance in what was presented; pretty, but so what?
It has the dynamic of a circle, but where in nature do we see such forms?

From my background in wave mechanics i already knew of the calculation of ocean tides.
Later, in astrology, i used the same tables to look at the planetary positions.
From my experience in mathematics, i knew that Astrology makes use of a mathematical “Modulo” model; based on number-repetitions.
That is an ideal method to record/represent, and refer to, relative regular motions.

However, i already realised that in nature motions are variable and can decay.
I chuckled when physicists said that Perpetuum Mobiles do not exist; and pointed at their model for atoms.
I already had experienced people being born and dying: cycles do not last forever.
That is how i came to later write my paper in “The 4 Dimensions of Time”.

1) Linear Time, 2) Variable Time, 3) Time Decay and 4) Time Collapse.
The last element helped me come to understand the Collapse of the Vector of State.
But i realised that i needed a different graphic representation; for Time versus Space.
Space is represented by 3 orthonormal axes; but how could i confirm my model for time?

|/_    versus    -<
3  axes in space versus 3 axes in time

Then, i hears and saw your presentation on “the Time Fractal” in Liege in Casys.
I hope you can link those papers in your story for our readers.
In the time fractal, i realised that what i had seen was staring me in my face.
You simply pointed out that i needed to look not at the vase but at the face/phase.

That is where i came to understand the basis of the equation of Health; thanks to you.
Thanks to you, we, humanity, now have an explicit understanding of and for Health.
Because what you presented as the Time fractal, is (literally) the model of/for cell division.
The image above shows the fractal, in the first cleavage division of the ygote.

0 -< 8
The basic model for cell division.
“->” represents the Fractal.

From there on it was easy: “you just repeat the operation”; ongoing cell division.
Every fractal adds another interface (“=”) into the equation; like blowing soap bubbles.
Every new interface functions as a different filter - something i started to see in engineering school already.
It is the complexity of the layers which determines the characteristics of the Filter.

1) Linking, 2) Concatenation (chaining), 3) Nesting and 4) Embedding.
In my earlier work i had already understood that all (ALL) is about (un)making Filters.
That is where i also came to understand, and resolved, the basis of all religion.
Every Separator is a Connector; Every Boundary is a Filter”.

But, as i mentioned before, reality is not a state; ‘reality’ does not exist.
Physics had already found that this whole cosmos is a wave field; we are part of it.
Atoms are not particular; they are forms of (Resonant) waves; the music that you referred to.
But we too are part of the universe; we are/make waves within waves.

That means - as astrologers know - that every Form must be understood as a Function.
Any, every, object/structure in this universe is a ‘frozen’ wave field.
But the only way to form an transform it, is as/via processes, in Time
Time is nothing more than a special kind of motion; in repetition: a wave oscillation/cycle.

In physics that stable cycle is known as a time base; or frequency.
It is a specific kind of rhythms; in MatheMusics i elaborate the concept.
If the universe if a wave field, than matter is merely one form of reverberation.
That is what the Alchemists had already understood: solid, liquid, gas and plasma: they are the same; their difference lies in (The Quintessence) the changes in degrees of Freedom (Changing from one cycle into another: “0>o, 0<O, 0-<8, 0-.”).

And so there you were with your story and guitar at the conference in Liège.
The concept of the Time Fractal simply showed how the 4 Dimensions of time are connected.
1) Circle, 2) Ellipse, 3) Spiral and 4) Point (Source/Decay).
All are represented/implied in the notion of the Time Fractal.

Well, you have seen my papers that i wrote since that meeting; basically all use the Time Fractal.
The dynamic of Cell Division is not a process that takes place in Space.
As Kenneth Rand explained: a fixed place in space needs a fixed period in time.
It shows that the unfolding of our body is a decision tree; a “slow-motion lightning” (Quetzalcoatl/Kundalini).

    That is where i would like to pass the story back over to you; with a question.
    In your previous text you described how you came to know and understand the Fractal.
    Please, describe how you came to understand and know the Time Fractal.
    Plus, please, for the readers, ... with the link to your descriptions to explain it.

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