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The Implications and consequences of Science of Life

To be continued ...

Natural Principle

Science of Life has direct implications for Health Care, Religion/Politics, and Science.
Freedom of Choice is fundamental; underlying the existence of all life forms.
This makes the essence of life, the learning how to operate freedom of choice.
We experience this, in learning to live with the consequences of our actions


For politics, this has the implication that Theft of Freedom of Choice is irresponsible; we can call it a crime.
It leads to a separation between the person making the choice, and the person who is directly response-able.
This is a symptom of disease; with a separation between choice and consequence (cause and effect).
In nature this is seen in parasitical systems only; not in organic symbiosis.


In religion, the existence of Freedom of Choice implies that one person can not impose beliefs on another.

We can communicate, and exchange idea(l)s, learning with and from each other.
But limitation on what one person may think as determined by another, dumbs the whole social system.
This implies that people are always free to create or join any society of their liking; or leave it.


In science it means that every person is always free to choose, response-able responsible, involved, and not an 'outsider'.
Every scientist is responsible for every action, and its consequences: individually, and collectively.
Any damage done requires remedy, from the scientists individually, and collectively.
This requires that scientists be aware of their own involvement, individually and collectively; with what they do, and each other.

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