Consensus Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Consensus is an agreement on collective understanding

No human lives alone.
We are all born out of the fusion of egg and sperm, of our ancestors, all the way back from the origination of the human species, and all the way back to the emergence of life forms.
All humans are related to each other - and (via the Food Chain = DNA exchange) to all other life forms.
Consensus is based on the communication between people, which is based on the communication between the cells of our (human/humanity) body.

Neither “Reality” nor “Truth” exist; they are conditioned constructs of conditioned consensus.
We need to understand the principles of language, thus languaging.
This requires understanding of hypnosis, and communication at other levels of awareness.
These different modes of communication operate akin to EM (electro-magnetic) models, and parallel what is seen in cell digestion and metabolomes.

We need to replace, reinterpret, the common understanding of language and communication in this manner.
Not the letters, sounds, words and symbols matter; but the way in which they relate to the functioning of our body.
As this web site shows, our bodily functioning is not based on physical/biochemical principles, but on electromagnetic fields in reaction to (Logic) operations of Freedom of Choice.
Consensus conditioning therefor needs to be related to principles of telepathy, and other modes of entrainment - by which humans operate as collectives.

These principles are ill understood, and not studied by science - because of the ignoring/ignorance of the electromagnetic operand functional levels of (logic) processing in our body.
These processes however are more basic, than our understanding and interpretation of language.
For this reason, we can regard the processes of communication between people in the same manner as the communication between cells.
We therein recognise the cosmic principles of creation, manifestation, the emergence of all life forms, and the organisation of humanity as one coherent sentient integral (= healthy) conscious being.

Peace is, between people, what health is within people.


To be continued ...

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