The belief in science Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Science is presently the most devastating power on the planet.
This is because scientists let it happen, they make this happen.
This is possible because scientists live for money.
Therefore those who control money, control science.

Money however is a belief, in fact: a superstition.
Money is a tool, a technology operating belief: magic.
Humans surpass in their use of language and technology.
Anything that combines both affects what humanity does.

Language is the main instrument by which people co-operate.
Via language, people can synchronise their ideas and ideals.
In language, people can con-fuse their ideas/ideals with those of others.
Language makes it possible to have an individual experience of a collective.

Technology empowers people in their interaction with their environment.
Through technology, people are able to reshape their environment.
Technology makes it possible for people to become insensitive to their context.
Technology can cause people to become alienated from their context.

Magic is the traditional name for tools of language: code.
Computers have now embodied this capacity to operate code.
Society is based on the operation of communication codes.
Science is a society aimed to create tools, by communication.

Science, code, computing, communication express the mind/body connection.
Language is the externalised aspect of our capacity of mind.
Technology is the externalised aspect of our existence in body.
Science therefore is a externalised aspect of our own being.

Body, Being, Behaviour and Belief are interconnected.
Health (and peace) are based on the balance between them.
In  order to verify the health/sanity of science, we must evaluate the behaviour/belief of scientists.
This is difficult, because in our society there is no appreciation of/for the relationship between the individual and the collective.

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