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That is Life

The question "What is Life" now has an answer.
Life can now be defined; "Consciousness" also.
This does not mean that either can be described.
Because both operate by Freedom of Choice.

To understand life 'read between the lines'.
Life lies not within the cells, but between them.
Specifically: life lies with/in our cell divisions.
In a Fractal, all the way back to the first cell division.

Life is defined in the System Stability Singularity Set.
This is the interface between information and matter.
In our body, all matter is created by living cells.
And all cell materials are "Information Responsive".

Body materials are pizo electric, liquid crystal, transducer transponder, intelligent gels.
In these materials, physics, chemistry, electromagnetism and information interchange.
We experience this, explicitly, in the Consciousness Activation Cascade, within our body.
Therein the pituitary, hypothalamus, body glands and body cells are all interlinked.

In this cascade, light fields, Electromagnetism, chemistry and physics are interchangeable.
This is what Alchemists described as the interchangeability of the Four Elements.
We can now understand them as the interplay between photon fields, Electromagnetism, Free Electrons and Bound Electrons.
This is what we commonly call informatics, electromagnetism (neurones/hormones), acid-base balance and anatomy.

In our body we can see that 'the software determines the hardware".
Without the software (the information) the cells all loose coherence.
Upon death we can quickly see how the body then decays.
This means tat the information field is the basis of coherence of the body.

This information field however is not determines by the materials of the body.
Upon death, the body decays even though in dying all matter may be present.
More important than this matter is thus the information that keeps it in formation.
This information in formation operates in the interactions keeping cells linked.

The cell interactions can be reduced to one specific moment in the cell cycle: cell division.
In that moment, one cell divides while unity is maintained: Unity is more important than units.
In this moment of cell division, each cell is however linked to the cell that it stems from.
In this way all body cells are linked to the First Cell (The Zygote) via a Fractal.

This means that we can regard all body cells as connected, via this fractal.
In mathematics this means that we can 'stack' all cells 'end to end'.
The coherence of this 'stacking sequence', defines the quality of health.
This gives us a perfectly sound definition for Health (and peace, between people).

We can now also get a perfectly healthy definition of Life.
It is the integrity of the System Singularity Stability Set.
This is the fractal cascade of all the body's cell divisions.
This however means that life lies not within cells, but in their origination.

This puts life in the interface between matter and information.
It puts life in the interaction between state and process,
This also means that life is not material; but lies in the transitions between forms of matter.
Specifically: life operates freedom of choice, in the interplay between information in/and  matter.

This also gives the basis for the inverse: consciousness.
Consciousness is the interplay in/on/at the interface between the system and its context.
Life is defined by the origination and preservation of body integrity in cell division.
Consciousness is defined in the preservation and variation of the body in context.

In Mathematics, and physics, the connection point to the context is called a Singularity.
In our living body, we experience the interplay between Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.
Anatomy forms from Physiology, formed by System Regulation on basis of System Integration.
All body materials are in ongoing exchange, responding to changes in flow of information.

We can now define "What is Life", in very precise detail.
We can even understand how we operate consciousness, in its activation cascade in our body.
We can even define why we cannot describe it.
Life, and consciousness, are both based on the interplay of Freedom of Choice, in our body.

Consciousness, and life, are not defined in matter, but in the interface between it.
Life and consciousness lie in the System Singularity Set, between the states of matter.
Consciousness and life lie in the Time Fractal of systematic cell divisions.
This is to be understood in the fullest sense: in creation of the cosmos, and in atoms.

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