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The key to the text is the integration of information with matter.

This will require an understanding of Freedom of Choice, and Freebonds.

That leads to a concept of the System Singularity Set.
all of that must be related to the remarkable properties of body materials, excreted by living cells-


An example of these material-information operating capacities is seen in the relationship between intent, urges, emotions and bodily actions.

Therein we see a direct interplay between the phase organisation in subatomic spaces, the molecular variational dynamics, the acid-base dynamics of the physiological system, and the phase state changes of the materials of the body.

What we deal with is the interaction of volumetric phase waves (holograms), relation between planar signal and carrier wave, the flows of free- and bound electrons in matter, and the resulting local spatial organisation of material structure.


Many scientists have already researched this.

The finding which unifies their work in one single concept is that of phase inversion.

This brings the focus on the inner phase in an interface, when a boundary inverts into a field, or v.v.

This is the operant mechanism which can be found in any body material, in cell membranes, in the connective tissues of the body, and in the volumetric phasic material organisation of the body.


Relevant is that every form of the body is a form of information in formation.

All structures are a temporary modulation of matter, on the basis of information.

Remarkable is that the information always determines the materialisation : the software determines the hardware

Our body, as a whole, is the output of the computation.


In this approach we need to reconsider the classical interpretation of matter.

The relationship between photons, electrons, protons and photons requires a reinterpretation.

Their relationship implies the same staged phases of manifestation, with 0, 1, 2, end 3 degrees of bonding.

Again, this brings the focus on a large scale property of material manifestation; the logical reorganisation of (free)bonds.


This implies that consciousness is not a property of life forms, but of the universe as a whole.

As, in the universe, life forms emerged with specific capacities to self-organise internal degrees of freedom, it is implied that this is a capacity of the universe as a whole.

The relationship between the mineral, viral, bacterial and eukaryote life forms serves as illustration.

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