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In living, we experience different levels of consciousness.
These levels of consciousness relate to modes of complexity.
This is best seen in how we relate to ourselves and each other.
The best example is the relationship between cells in organs in humans in humanity.

Every level of consciousness relates to a mode of involvement.
We are used to describe this in terms of our own involvement.
However, our consciousness is based on the life of our cells.
And the life of our cells is based on our being part of humanity.

Humanity however is based in development of all life forms.
All life forms are based on Freedom of Choice in matter.
All materials in the universe are formed out of atoms.
All atoms are forms of coherence; information in formation.

Consciousness is our experience/participation of/in information.
In our body we see that information is the essence of it.
All body materials are produced by living cells for that purpose.
All body materials are responsive to flow of information.

This is not just the case with/in our own (living) body.
It is the case in every living  being: all operate freedom of choice.
Lynn Margulis showed how our life is based on that of microbes.
Bruce Lipton has shown how information incorporates in our cells.

Consciousness is the experience of the interplay with information.
In our body, the interplay takes place within materials/matter.
The result is that Light, EM, chemistry and physics are interwoven.
We call it the psyche, neurocrine system, physiology and anatomy.

Consciousness is defined as related to properties of matter.
Consciousness exists independent of matter.
In a person who just dies, the matter may still be intact.
What is lacking in death is the coherence of information.

In our body we see how information interacts with the body.
The light field of the body interacts with the electromagnetic (EM) field,
The electromagnetic field interacts with the chemical (acid-base) balance.
The acid-base-balance determines the materialisation (bound electrons) of materials in the body.

Body materials are all produced and secreted by living body cells.
The exchange of body materials is known as the Metabolomes.
Therein, all molecules are ‘physical’ combinations of atom.
More important: those atoms are carriers of electromagnetic information.

Our whole body is thus based on electromagnetic coherence.
Many researchers have shown that body dynamics is electromagnetic.
Cells thus operate in, as, processors of electromagnetic information.
This has been compared to cells operating as CPU’s in computers.

Every cell therein operates its own Freedom of Choice (computation).
All cells together process in sub-units, known as “the Organs”.
All organs together process in sub-units known as “the Body”.
All bodies together operate as sub-units known as a species, of life.

Consciousness is not a property of matter.
Consciousness is not a trait of human being.
Consciousness is found in all life forms.
Consciousness is the basis of uniVersal manifestation.

Every form of matter is the result of a chemical process.
Every chemical process manifests an electromagnetic interaction.
Every electromagnetic interaction is coupled with light fields.
All light fields are dynamic holograms of information in formation.

Light triggers the jump in electrons in atoms, of is the result thereof.
Electromagnetism determines the flow of free electrons: chemistry.
Chemistry determines the form of electron-binding as matter: physics.
Everything physical is phasical: matter is a form, manifestation of information.

This is what we operate in the living cells in our body.
When the coherent information field collapses. The body dies.
When the wave field coherence decays, we are called sick.
When the information field is unstable, we are called ‘ill’.

Health, illness, disease and death are not material states of the body.
Health and decay into death are states if disintegration of information.
It is the information field which determines the coherence and life of our cells.
The collapse of the information field coherence is due to interference with the integrity of the field, by (erroneous) freedom of choice.

Consciousness is based not on the freedom of choice in cells in a body.
Consciousness is not based on the metabolomes of cellular communication.
Consciousness is not based on the electromagnetic field flows in all materials of our body.
Consciousness is not based on the communication of information between people.


Figure 1. Tetrahedral model of consciousness

Consciousness is the substrate: the information of creation.
Awareness is the consequence: consciousness of participation in creation.
Vitality is the ongoing dynamic of participation in creation.
Life is the experience of Freedom of Choice in participation in creation.

Consciousness is the interplay of all four levels depicted in Figure 1.
This is the same schema as that for the manifestation of matter.
It is the same schema as that for the emergence of all life forms.
And it is the same schema for the dynamic of social organisation.

Conscious is usually considered top be awareness of our environment.
Subconscious is generally associated with bodily/body awareness.
Unconscious is regarded to be associated with organic/organ functions.
Out-Of-Conscious is considered to be a comatose unaware mind state.

Consciousness, for cells, is their own experiential state of being.
Subconsciousness is the shares state of cell awareness in organs.
Unconsciousness is the state of immersion of cell awareness in/of the whole body.
Out-of-Consciousness is, for the cells (literally), that what happens outside of the body.

We never have awareness of what ha[pens outside of the body.
All experience of the environment is based in signals from cells on the body surface.
Those signals are compared and correlated to cell signals from the core of the body.
This signal comparison/correlation is based on ‘holographic’ principles of processing of information.

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