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“Science as Code” has a double meaning: 1) conduct and 2) symbol.
“Science” results as a shared consensus code of conduct between people.
This aspect has been address in “Science as Rite” and “Science as Ritual”.
The shared code for consensus comportment/conduct i call “Sciencing”.

The result of sciencing is a set of symbols used in/for communication.
This is the 2nd meaning of Science as Code – the symbol code of science.
Evidently this code is the result of the communication between scientists.
Thus, it us the result of internal processes within the scientists that are involved.

Involvement is a crucial word in this description of Science as Code.
Because every description of reality is in fact a formulation of/for realisation.
In this way science represents a code for involvement, of participation in creation.
In which scientists (thus “science”) represent that aspect of every human being.

Scientists compose the score for the choreography of the dance of our mind.
Science, represent the manual (being discovered) of our participation in creation.
It is the encoded record of how we each/all think, and interact, with nature.
Science also of the archive of the (mis)conduct of individuals, as Creators.

The history of science is an ongoing record of deeds and misdeeds of humans.
In that sense science represents the natural curiosity of humanity.
But scientists also express the unconscious human frustrations.
Because scientists wish to be free in what they do, but are not.

Science is a record of irresponsibility, not just of science, but also of humanity.
Whatever scientists think up and do, is representative for humanity/humans.
The results of science (wars, and planetary pollutions) show irresponsibility.
That irresponsibility however originates from the manipulation of scientists.

Money (a superstition) is the largest factor for wrong-doing on this planet.
Banksters manipulate humanity, via the monopolisation of money.
‘Money’ is a symbol for the imposition of laws, and loss of access to Earth.
Money is a symbol for systematic repression of human Freedom of Choice.

This on-going manipulation of individual and collective will affects science.
Scientists who claim to have individual freedom of choice, ignore this.
If scientists applied “science” to science, they would/could see that.
Because they would understand the essence of Freedom of Choice; and Respect.

Money (Banksters) represent the denial of freedom of choice; by enslavement.
“Money Slaves” has a very literal meaning, of human ‘domestication’.
Via money, a small group of humans parasitize on all other human beings.
Scientists could see that, if they no longer let money determine what they do.

    Scientists MUST develop/determine their own code of (‘guild’) conduct.
    Scientists MUST assume responsibility for every of their own actions.
    Scientists MUST restore their own integrity and autonomy, by independence of money.
    Scientists MUST ‘grow up’ and Respect freedom of choice, in themselves and in life.

    The Code of Science is that it shows, via ‘equations’ how we think and act.
    The Code of Science is how we interact with each other in sharing ideas.
    The Code of Science lies in how we respect the ideas and choices of others.
    The Code of Science is the synopsis of how humans (dis)respect nature.

    The equations, formulae, records of science all reflect these codes.
    The equations, formulae, records of science all express these codes.
    The equations, formulae, records of science all contain these codes.
    The equations, formulae, records of science all are these codes.

Science as a whole is a encoded code of human behaviour.
In the work/workings of science/scientists we can see human-thought-in-action
By the work of science/scientists we see (as code) the (lack of respect for creation.
Science is an on-going scripting (like DNA) of human consciousness in action on Earth.

DNA is the encoded record of the life experience of living cells on Earth.
DNA is the code for sharing information between living body cells on Earth.
DNA represents the encoding of the (reflected) dynamic of universal creation.
Scientific record is in that sense the equivalent of human consciousness-creation.

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