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A starting point for this curriculum is the realisation that ‘reality’ is unreal.
The concept ‘reality’ tries to objectify realisation; makes a noun of a verb.
“Objectivity” is ‘object-if-it-y’, why, as-if IT be an object, a thing, lifeless.
Objectiv-it-y denied, eliminated, involvement in creation/realisation.

    Realities presented as if refutables predictabilities; “scientific society”.
    Products (even people) treated like discardables,”a waste society”.
    People treated like machine parts, replaceables, “consumer society”.
    Societies treated as if (war)machines, fixable, “a society of death”.

There are many strong reasons why we must object against objectivity.
Ultimately, objective science turns out to be a model, a linguistic object, only.
‘Objectivity’, proposes, purports, pretends that everything that exists is, ‘must be, an object’.
Ultimately, this idea itself has no substance; it is immaterial: a ‘mere’ thought form.

Strange as it may seem, objective science is a ‘mere’ though form only.
Paradoxically, objective material science rejects the idea of any idea.
It (pro)claims that ideas can not be measured; thus ‘do not exist’.
Yet everything it has studied, and achieved, is based on a fixed idea.

Objectivism – as-if_object_‘ism

The idea of objectivity has created a severe situation and sick society.
The waste society is the result of lack of respect; resulted by treating ‘reality’ as an object.
At that level of abstraction, and with that scope of generalisation, science operates as a religion.
As a religion, this aspect of science misleads and (self)deceives people.

    People are treated as-if objects.
    Societies are regarded as-of machines.
    Planet Earth is considered as-if ‘a thing’.
    Ideas are replaced by formalisms, formulations, forms.

Rejectivism: reject objectivism

Perhaps it is necessary to introduce the word “Rejectivism”.
”Rejectivism” rejects, objects against, Objectivism.
It concludes that objective science is a science of objects, only.
For subjects there is no place in that science; objective science rejects them.

    Paradoxically Objective Science is a form of Rejectivism.
    It rejected involvement, of the scientist in sciencing.
    It pretend that reality is a thing, an object: a model.
    Whatever it cannot measure, as matter, ‘can not exist’


Reality is fundamentally always, ony, a realisation.
By our  participation in creation we experience Life.
Life is based on our sensation of Freedom of Choice.
Freedom of Choice is the realisation (v) of Creation (v).

    Objectivism reduces reality to an object; a thinks.
    Realism reduces sensations to ‘measurables’ only.
    Idealism is said to be immaterial, and thus unrealistic.
    Rejectivism points out that all these ‘isms are unwholesome.

    Subjectivism is no solution: it regards a subject as-if an object.
    Scientism must be introduced as a concept, dogma or church.
    Sensationalism must be reintroduced as: making sense to our senses.
    Any ‘ism must be regarded, rejected, as a Formalism (idée fixe).

The section on “The Bones of Belief” describes how we form beliefs.
Convictions are fossilised beliefs, rigid, inert, invariant as objects.
Reality is one such belief, turned into a lifelong, lifeless, conviction.
It is that conviction to the belief in lifeless objects, that destroys Earth


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