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Formulations of Consciousness
Breaking out of our Vicious Cycles

Otto van Nieuwenhuijze, Independent Research Scientist, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Mathematical models are mental constructs. They are created in languaging, and imply a collective consensus. The models, as a result, are not describing consciousness, but our methods of communication. This is traditionally known as The Mirror of Maya: all we perceive as reality is a reflection of our realisation. By formulating our realisations, we are able to obtain much more insight into the functioning of consciousness itself. This paper presents consciousness in a broader perspective: it bases itself on a 4D dynamic Logic, as a means to describe phase space coherence. By this, it is possible to get a more encompassing insight in the fundamental role of information integration (coherence) in the universe as a whole. This will be formulated in more concise forms as the nature of Boundaries, as Filters for information. Our body will be presented as our best example in which we experience the processing of information/consciousness. This requires a more integral perspective on our body/consciousness, than presented in western science. The concept of integral health care, and STEC (space-time energy-consciousness), are approaches that can overcome those limitations and help realise that reality is a realisation; and that formulations model our mind, as it works. By understanding that our models reflect our mind, our formulations can be understood as expressions of consciousness.


consciousness, mind, languaging, mathematics, models, realisation.


4D D Logic





Languaguing Consensus





Our Body

    Process EMergence (PsychoCybernetics)

    Processing Processes (NeuroCrine adaptation)

    process loops (Psycho-physiology)

    Process Closure (Anatomy)

Realisations of Realities

    Models are not real

    Reality is not a model

    We are real

    Realisation is real





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