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What is real and what is true?
We do not know; can we know?
Freedom of choice implies Un-knowing.
It involves our "Blind Spot" in creation.

We cannot negate a negation.
"Do not think about a red tulip".
It at once evokes the idea of "a red tulip".
Our unconscious does not know negation.

Negation is based on self-denial.
It is based on a fundamental concept.
Our body turns inside-out on itself.
Cell replication is based on in-version.

It requires a holographic understanding.
This is described in "Total System Inversion".
We can see it in de dynamics of Cell division.
We must likewise understand it for our mind.

"Our mind" is a dynamic electromagnetic process.
Its physiology is like our body physiology/process.
Circuits linking with/in circuits, all linking up.
But the essence of linking, implies ... unlinking.

In our body we can see that unlinking equals disease.
Loss of linkage is known as death; causing cell decay.
"Relinking", in our body, is the basis of self-healing.
Not the 'circuits', but the (un)linking matters; is vital.

This is described in "The Equation of Health".
The linkage is defined/determine by a Fractal Tree.
What matters is the (un)folding of the fractal.
This is described in "Dimensional (de)Compression".

The dynamic of (de)compression is dimensional.
It does not operate within dimensions, but between them.
This can only be addressed/described by (4D) Logic.
It is transdimensional (transcendent); a,k,a. Soul.

This is described in "The Architecture of the Soul".
In being transdimensional, the Soul is a Singularity.
A Singularity is where the system turns inside out.
It is the link where the part and the whole are connected; one.

In the singularity, the whole and the part are (as) one.
This is what religions (try to) describe; each in their own way.
Their representations are based on ideations: ideals of ideas.
But mathematics, not language, is needed to describe this.

Mathematics is a language to describe the effects of logic.
Logic provides the bases: by defining the 'game rules'.
These game rules are defined by our definitions.
Ultimately, we, determine the rules and nature of language.

Language has a long origin, spanning aeons and cultures.
Language originated for the communication between people.
Language, in humans, is directed at linking to objects.
Language, in all life forms, is about subjective expression.

Language bridges the gap between subject and object.
Language interfaces between subjective and objective.
Language is only in part a human/animal expression.
At a more basic level language is an expression of life, in life forms.

Language, like all sensations, is a vibration.
Every form of vibration is also a code.
Code is the basis for communication.
Communication is the basis of language.

Language, Communication, Code, Vibrations.
Anatomy, Physiology, Regulation, Information.
Bones, Reflexes, Beliefs, Consensus.
Individual, Relationship, Group, Humanity.

The dynamics is always the same and fundamental.
The basic principle is that of braiding wave vibrations.
Excursion, Incursion, Recursion, Hyperincursion.
Consciousness, Energy, Time, Space.

Everything that exists is part of existence.
Everything in creation is part of the whole.
The dynamics which create our body create our expressions.
The dynamics which created our body create society also.

These dynamics are based on "Total System Inversion".
This, in essence, is the nature of the Universe/Black Hole.
It is also the essence of life, illness, disease and death.
This essence is in-built in the Black hole know as the Cell.

These principles, properties and essence are fundamental.
They operate at the cosmic level; which is also 'holographic'.
The integrity is always based on regulation of interfacing.
In the interface, in the innerphasing, cosmic replication takes place.

In every interface the universe 'replicates, 'echoes' itself.
This is being described in the zero-mathematics of Peter Rowlands.

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