Broken Beliefs - Crippled Communications Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

The creation of beliefs parallels the dynamic for the manifestation of matter, the materialisation of bones, the conditioning of reflexes, and the credence in beliefs.
In the other essays in this series these principles and their dynamics have already been described.
Also, it is evident that the principles are those of the organisation of the living organism, especially those of birth and self healing.
In this essay, attention is given to some of the pathologies that can be found in the use of beliefs; thence the title, “broken beliefs and crippled communication”.

Many people have no notion of what they nevertheless call “the body of knowledge”.
As these Essays point out, the body of knowledge is supported by the Bones of Beliefs.
All pathologies of the body of Knowledge can be understood in that manner.
All that is known of health and disease of the physical body, likewise applies to the pathology and well-being of the Body of Knowledge.

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