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Conditioning the belief in science has two aspects:
it involves the conditioning of the belief in science.
And it involves the conditioning of the beliefs of scientists.
Money and status are used as instruments to do so.

Conditioning belief in/of scientists starts early.
States force children to undergo schooling.
Teachers are compelled to follow a state program.
States are governed by money interests, not voters.

Schooling involves a conditioning of ... conditioning.
Students are given examination on varied topics.
The main purpose of examination is to test compliance.
The various topics are subservient to that (main) goal.

Students are lead to believe that intellect matters.
Skilled handy workers are considered inferior.
They are called 'lower class labour' and paid less.
Lower class serves to keep middle class in place {Foucault}.

Examination notes are used to grade the students.
The assessment system is designed by the army.
The education system is part of the ministry of labour.
Peg Luksik, Charlotte Iserbyt, and others describe this.

They are people who worked in U$A education.
Peg Luksic as educator, discovered about the implied regulation.
Charlotte Iserbyt published about the hidden government goals.
The regulation of education operates via politics, money.

The result is that students for scientific education are selected.
They are told about ''reliable' "scientific" models.
They are given exemplary 'proofs', by simple 'demonstrations'.
They are implicitly asked to /believe/ those are universally valid.

Students are told what to do to comply with exams.
Exams are orchestrated to 'weed out' some students.
Professors are paid and ranked by status for compliance.
Salaries and status are used for hierarchical ranking.

Protocols are created to gauge 'professional performance'.
Academics are all trained to think and react in a same manner.
At the same tome they are asked to compete with each other.
And, also, to create and produce innovation.

Researchers, students and professors are not only 'academic'.
Most inventive students and professors are recruited by corporations.
These are not only the corporate, but also state corporations.
Part of the state corporation, is the military industrial complex.

Military, state, corporation and academic are all interconnected.
They all are part of the same system of/for regulation.
All operate by/on/of/as the same form of information.
These forms of information, incorporate in people, are known as 'beliefs'.

Beliefs operate within people and between people.
Beliefs are 'gestalts', formed out of amalgamated ideas.
This is described in (creating) "Scientific Consensus".
Their constructs are described in "Shifting the Paradigm".

Consensus constructs operate in 4 dimensions.
As soon as they are written, they 'lead a life of their own'.
This is the same for the constructs of beliefs and reflexes.
Reflexes operate beyond space and time as šonditions'.

Reflex conditioning is based on actual experienced events.
They serve to 'replay' (replicate) process variations.
The conditions determine the process regulation (activation).
The reflex can from then on replicate the event.

Event replication always operates in 4 dimensions.
This is the same dynamic as in sensation/realisation.
It is seen in the sensor-neuron-plexus-brain relay.
It is also the dynamic of creating/manipulating consensus.

There are many people who believe consensus cannot be conditioned.
As long as this is what they believe, they can all be conditioned.
They will not question if anyone can determine their thinking.
The conditioning of their thinking will thus remain unquestioned.

As is, their minds are being conditioned, in many manners.
Corresponding with the depth and breath of the conditioning; it is extensive.
Education, media, politics and religions are all part of 'the programme'.
This operates at scales and scope which makes it "unconscious awareness".

This makes it hard, or impossible, for people to imagine.
As the Nazi’s said: "if the lie is too big, all will believe it.
This is also the role and purpose of (mass) religion.
Thence they have been described as 'the opium for the people'.

Science is no different than any other social society.
Science is created by scientists, thus 'normal' people.
Science is regulated by money, and/or status.
Science is subject to standard social manipulation.

Scientists claim that what they do is objective.
Yet scientists do/did not study science itself.
Scientists do not study scientists making science.
Scientists do not study consciousness of scientists.

The lack of the study of consciousness makes science immoral.
The denial of response-ability of scientists makes science amoral.
The rejection of non-scientific studies of consciousness is even rejected.
Non-scientific studies are even called a-scientific; which is slander.

Science has in many respects become akin to a church.
Scientists form a community which 'regulates' itself.
Science and scientists adhere to consensus conduct and belief.
If not, they are ostracised, discredited and or defiled; or killed.

The self-regulation of science is subject to external regulation.
Media are used to regulate social credibility and social status.
Money is used to entice or discourage; via grants and ‘tenure’.
As is the case in schooling: others determine the crucial criteria.

This means that science is internally and externally regulated.
In-between, there always will be areas with double morals/values.
These are the regions of the singularities of the system.
The external regulation of science will operate in/via these loci.

This is the domain of the 3rd order system, te soul, and belief.
Beliefs are the mental/moral 'patch-ups' for our own Blind Spots.
Like reflexes, they ‘carry on' in the absence of input/information.
Like cancers, they can backfire and destroy the integral system.

Beliefs therefore will always have a dual value.
For the system they pertain to self-preservation.
For the context they relate to specific uniqueness.
Combined, they determine the systems preservation (Faith) or destruction (Bias).

Belief (as faith or bias) in science is the same as in religion.
As is the case for brain signals: they are the same in perception and delusion
The difference lies in the way how they are connected into context”.
In perception, mentation is tied in with sensation ("Perception"); in delusion mentation is separate from context ("Projection").

As long as science/scientists do not study this, they are suggestible.
Like hypnotic subjects, they operate in a trance.
Like cult members, their li(v)es are determined by others.
Scientists must become aware of this, and study/practice magic and hypnosis.

Magic is the art and act of operating Freedom of Choice.
It consists of the understanding that Reality is a Realisation.
It pivots in the fact that we all create a "World in our Head'".
By changing our world view, we change our realisation.

Hypnosis is the art/act of shifting conscious awareness.
Much of what we do is operated by (conditioned) reflex.
If you cannot modify your reflexes, they determine your life.
Hypnosis is the skill of conscious reprogramming.

To condition belief in science, science must be studied.
Scientists must, need to, study themselves.
Scientists must become are of how they come to realisation.
More important: they must know that realisation is not a noun but a verb.

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