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Personal data

    Name: Matti Juhani Pitkänen.
    Date of birth: 30.10. 1950.
    Place of birth: Kiuruvesi, Finland.
    Nationality: Finnish.
    Gender, marital: male, divorced.
    Family: two sons (Paavo, born 1975 and Timo, born 1978), two daughters (Eeva-Riikka, born 1981 and Marja-Elina, born 1984).

Academic background

    Studies in physics, theoretical physics and mathematics in the University Helsinki, started 1970.
    Candidate of philosophy in theoretical physics in 1977.
    Licenciate of philosophy in theoretical physics in 1982.
    Ph. D. in theoretical physics in 1982 (opponent professor Jouko Mickelson, Univ. of Jyväskylä) Thesis: "Topological Geometrodynamics".

Scientific Employments

    June 1.-Sept 30. 1976, Jan 1.-May 31., July 1.-Aug 31., Nov 1.-Nov 30. 1977, April.1. 1978-Oct 12. 1979: assistant at the Department of Theoretical Physics.
    June 1. 1980 - May 31. 1981: research assistant at Helsinki University of Technology.
    July 1.-Sept. 15. 1984, May 25.-Sept 30. 1985 , Nov 1. - Dec 12. 1985: research worker at Research Center of NESTE OY.
    Aug.1. 1987- Aug. 30. 92: teacher in the Department of Theoretical Physics.
    Oct.1. 1996- July 30. 1997: researcher in the Division of High Energy Physics, Dept. of Physics in University of Helsinki.

Other Activities

    Participated about 9 conferences in field of particle physics and mathematical physics.

    Invited lecturer in a workshop organized by Einstein-Laboratory in connection with the centennary celebrations of Erwin Shrödinger at Potsdam. Invited lecturer in School-Symposium of Modern Physics held in Soshi (USSR) at April 27.-May 5. 1991.

    Invited lecture in a conference "N. I. Lobachevskii and Modern Geometry" held in Kazan 18-22.8 1992. Invited member in Russian Gravitational Organization.

    Participation in conference ECHO III conference Emergence, Complexity, Hierarchy, Organization in Espoo (Finland), 1998.

    Participation in CASYS'2000, CASYS'2001 and CASYS'2003 conferences in Liege, Belgium.

    Active participation in various discussion groups related to consciousness and new physics, in particular Quantum-Mind discussion group founded by Stuart Hameroff. The address of {quantum-mind archives} is http://listserv.arizona.edu/lsv/www/quantum-mind.html.

    Public lectures about TGD and TGD inspired theory of consciousness.

Memberships, etc.

  • Membership in the board of International Journal of Non-Locality and Remote Mental Interactions
  • Membership in the board of Wasiwaska: Research Centre for the study of psychointegrator plants, visionary art and consciousness
  • Invitation to Marguis Who's Who in Science and Engineering 2006.



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