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MatheMusics – Phase Space in Time Arrays

Music is made by combining vibrations.
The vibrations are made, and linked, in time.
Music is the art of (un)making and (un)linking vibrations.
The result is a (mass-less) construct in Time, not in Space.

Music is a phenoumenon in time; thus as sensation.
It only has a (mass-less) virtual component in space.
Music exists in S0, but operates by using T1, T2 and T3.
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Real & imaginary
Logic of Involvement

The organisation in Time is not fixed; it has not just one time base.
Music is defined by a (dimensional) linking and changing of time base.
It operates within the 4 dimensionalities of time of the CETS vector.
It is a manifestation of phase co-ordination; as energy in TIME.

MatheMusics specifies that we can address this phase organisation.
This can be done by making use of the insight of Gabor in Holograms.
A Hologram is a specific relationship between stability and change in phase space.
We must thus not be limited to thinking in term of the concepts of physics.

Mathematics applies the understanding of MetaThematics of phasics.
These are the dynamics in phase space, by changing dimensional logic.
This makes use of changes of freebonds on the dimensional coherence.
This reflects on changes on the time base, thus in time space organisation.

(All these terms have been explained in previous publications.)

Music is the very specific art of in involvement with processing cycles.
Music makes it possible to initiate time cycles and time lines.
Music makes it possible to concatenate and nest time cycles.
These are known as the making of notes/tones and chords/harmonics.

Music is a phenoumenon: a noumenon, processed in the mind.
There is a relationship to e.g. radio signals: software, code, information.
It relates to the principle of homeopathy and acupuncture: informing.
It is a coherent pattern of dynamic/processing information in formation.

Music is the best known and most studied of a class of virtual objects.
It relates to the Orgone: a coherent wave cluster, in phase space.
It can be compared to a mass-less molecule: coherent vibration.
It is similar to software in a computer, yet not electromagnetic vibrations.

Our senses link us to a broad spectrum of vibrations.
Vision, smell, taste, hearing, and such sample parts of the spectrum.
It is senseless to refer to sensation only in term of our senses.
It makes more sense to regard them as aspects of more complex vibrations.

We must extend our understanding of signal organisation and propagation.
Music is generally regarded as an art; because it lacks precise definition.
In fact music is very well defined: in time space.
And the dynamic of music is also seen in our body; as the physiology of process cycles.

There is extensive understanding on process dynamics, and music.
They are not usually regarded as being connected.
Process dynamic is held to pertain to material construct.
Music is regarded as a means to play with our own senses.

Process cycles and music are connected: both are temporal arrays.
Time systems are based on, and defined by, time cycles.
This can be any form of cyclic closure; which can also be opened.
MatheMusics combines the understanding music with mathematics.

It is not about the cycles themselves, and Fourier analysis of their distribution.
Music shows that it is all about the way in which cycles can be created and linked.
In music, we see the same principles at work as found in e.g. molecular formation and dynamics.
We can regard these in much more detail by regarding them as fields around antenna; as data arrays in phase space; of information in formation.

It is necessary to understand that this involves process cycle creation and linking.
This means that the time cycle must be able to appear and disappear, to form and transform.
The basis thereof was described in “The Four Dimensions of Time”; in the changing of the circle to ellipses, spirals, their warped forms and spirals.
We must also regard the energy changes with their effect on time base shapes: cycles, lemniscates, Borromean rings and higher conjugate complexes describable by time fractals.

These are different terms to describe the time space coherence.
We must set this apart from our experience of physical space.
We must set out to use the multidimensionality of time space.
This is found in the link between a Point via Spiral to a Circle to a Sphere.


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