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The Matter of Water;
the Hidden Dimensions of Water

O#o van Nieuwenhuijze, Luc Sala (c)
04 December 2004 14:57:00

A text in development


This is a text about water. Life. Consciousness. And ... dimensions.
It explains why it is called ‘the water of life’, and ‘living water’.

Water is fundamental and essential in our life.
Our life and consciousness depends mainly on water.
Our body is composed mainly of water.
Many people do not realise how important this is
. Even many doctors do not know the importance of water, and that you can heal the body with water.

    Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto knew from his own practice that water, alone can heal many diseases. He set out to show what homeopaths too have been applying as matter of daily practice: water can be used to inform, remind, the body of its on inner health.

Water can do this because it can store information: water is a liquid crystal. It is the same property of matter that is now being used in LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display) screens.
The water in (y)our body cells is not liquid, but more akin to a gel (in computing such materials are called Intelligent Gels).
Water not only stores information: it is a form of information. This text shows how that is the case: how all matter is a form of information; how the universe as a whole is information in formation. (Pun is Fun.)

By understanding water, we can understand more of the universe as a whole: in water we see the same changes in material Phases (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) as we see in the universe as a whole (in reversed order: Big Bang, Cosmic Gas, Liquid Stars, Solid Planets).
By looking at water we can therefore more easily grasp and understand the same principles as we see in the manifestation of the universe around us. But also: within us: our body as a whole is Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.
What matters, is not the matter that water is composed of, but the way it changes phases, in physical manifestation.

    This brings out an important point to be made clear:
    living organisms – like you yourself – are not composed of the same matter that classical physics has studied. Quite the contrary: classical physics assumed matter to be inert, thus dead.
    All the matter in your body is alive, or the result of the life that excreted the matter that your body (e.g. bones) is composed of.

  • This text describes the nature of water. But in doing so it describes the nature of consciousness in matter; of which water is our most easily graspable example.
  • We all have experience with it in our own life and being.
  • We can all apply this in our own life and healing.
  • This text is fundamental; but practical also.

A text about the esoteric qualities of water and its applications in health, healing, ecology and awareness. Water has much more to offer than the basic qualities in terms of purity, acidity, conductivity, pollution, mineral content and other 'classic' physical and chemical yardsticks.
There are other energies, structures, information contained in and related to water. Some of these are recognised and known throughout history: holy water has been part of most cultures and religions, but the rational Cartesian scientific model has discarded that as un-measurable and therefore ‘bogus’.
However, the 'hidden' qualities of water have intrigued many people and although not common knowledge, an esoteric water science has emerged. It looks into Energy-water, Bovis scale, restructuring, clustering, micro-crystals, information storage in water, there are many angles.

One of the emerging insights in the deeper complexity of creation is that there are dimensions or qualities beyond the tangible that  influence us as human beings, our relationship with each other, our environment or even the cosmos at whatever scale.
Some elements seem to be more 'connected' in this sense than others, like gold, precious stones, incense and water, some forms like crystals have more power, some processes like light and fire.
These qualities are practically acknowledged and used in many ways, but have not received much scientific attention, at least in mainstream science. New and promising methods in measuring and detection of these energies or qualities are emerging, but there is as yet little co-operation.

The purpose of this text is to bring together the views of scientists, developers, specialists and entrepreneurs with an interest in these more esoteric dimensions of water. Data about these mostly hidden dimensions, stories about the researchers and their projects, contacts, equipment, measuring devices, methodology,  will could help reach new insights in what water really is and how it can be used. This includes a whole gamut of water aspects, ranging form the more or less 'technical' orientation to the very esoteric. The text doesn’t shy away from the ‘unscientific’  and at least gives some space to those being able to charge water, gauge water quality, see water aura/radiation or perform water rituals.

Outline/Topics of the text:

  • water: what is it - beyond H2O
  • water: personal experiences
    -information: just bits or the glue that holds everything together, quantum physics, the deeper structures of water
  • the water-heroes,
  • “Poly Water”, a term coined by them to describe the macromolecular clusters of water under certain conditions.
  • the historical appreciation of water, rituals, holy water, miracle water, the holy sources, Hunza
  • the new waters (modern approaches) like VIVO, polywater
  • measuring physical qualities
  • measuring esoteric qualities like Bovis scale
  • studies and results
    • the healing angle
    • the ecological angle
      • water; treatment, processing, charging;  traditional
      • water: treatment etc. in a more open setting,
        flowforms, spirals, shells, restructuring
    • the experiments: what can we do, even on a small scale, with water: energy, magnetism, potentiating
  • water at home, how to improve the quality of water in your house.
  • Invitation and Requests
    We invite those with an interest in water and its esoteric and other-dimensional qualities to participate in this text by supplying a chapter or a small piece about their personal interest and experience in water.
    Suggestions are welcome at: info @
    • specifically:
      • do you have good weblinks we can share
      • do you have published or unplublished papers that are relevant
      • do you have equipment or devices that should be included in the section on apparatus
      • do you have specific capabilities or gift that are pertinent to water
      • can you contact other water-affionado's/experts or give their email adresses
      • do you have water samples with special qualities that we can test 

“Criticisms centred around the vanishingly small number of solute molecules present in a solution after it has been repeatedly diluted are beside the point, since advocates attribute their effects not to molecules present in the water, but to modifications of the water's structure. Simple-minded analysis may suggest that water, being a fluid, cannot have a structure of the kind that such a picture would demand. But cases such as that of liquid crystals, which while flowing like an ordinary fluid can maintain an ordered structure over macroscopic distances, show the limitations of such ways of thinking. There have not, to the best of my knowledge, been any refutations of memory that remain valid after this particular point is taken into account….it attests to the limited vision of the modern scientific community that, far from hastening to test such claims, the only response has been to dismiss them out of hand.”
BRIAN D. JOSEPHSON, University of Cambridge, Nobel Laureate, Physics

1) The Matter of Water

Before we look at water, it is practical, very practical, to look at matter.

    Matter as we know it is a rare phenomenon in this universe.

      A brief history of the universe may help make this clear:

It all started with a Big Bang; thus before a Big Bang.


    The Big Bang was a change in something, a none-thing (or no-thing) that existed before. As it is a no-thing, it cannot be described (because words refer to things).

    Yet, this phase of no-thing-ness is full of information: it is that in formation that put this universe in formation. What has formed since is but a result of this.


    Once the Big Bang had taken place – by whichever way that came to be – the universe was electrified, and full of magnetic attractions. Literally: at that time the universe was nothing more, no less, than an immense thundercloud, of positive and negative and interrelated charges. Only Energy.

    All charges and discharges that we know now are based on this phase in universal manifestation.


    It is hard to say how long that period lasted, because in a sense it is time-less. The thundercloud is full of energy, but so full of motions within motions; before atoms come into existence there is no regularity, no repetition: nothing to measure time. Time comes into the equation as a result of the teaming up of electrons and protons in a way physics says cannot exist: the Perpetuum Mobile. Atoms are excellent examples of this: once created, they are thought to continue their existence forever. The simplest atom is composed of an electron and a proton; the one circling the other. This is the moment of birth of Time. And one of the components of water: H (Hydrogen). Larger molecules are expansions of this simple concept: more electrons around more protons, yet: always in balance. With as many electrons as protons. The universe as a while is an immense calculation, equation, in which this balance is always lost and regained. This is the basis of creation.

    Once this teaming up started to take place, electrons and protons became close to each other, in a steady relationship. This was the birth of chemistry and the stars: drops that formed out of the thunderclouds that existed before.


    In the stars a chemical brewing takes place: processes at different time scales mingle like notes in some kind of celestial music: a giant sing song of atoms interweaving into each other. Loops of Electrons-plus-protons connect up, due to which larger atoms can be formed. Oxygen is one of the examples of this. The loops of those larger atoms can interconnect, by which molecules can be formed. Water is one of the many examples of this.


Water as Molecule

Water is a curious substance: Hydrogen and Oxygen are its two components.

    Hydrogen is in essence a simple single proton, circling an electron. It is the minimal atom that can exist. It is basically simply an electron, in orbit. The basic material of manifestation. Before the existence of the electron, there was no manifest reality in existence. Only changes in creation.

    Oxygen too is a remarkable substance. Phil Callahan pointed out that Gorter already had shown that there is a fundamental property in nature called Paramagnetism. It is an ordering effect that takes place around some forms of matter: they create coherent electromagnetic (energy) fields. As a result, for example, paramagnetic rocks can enhance the quality of growth in a garden. (The work of Phil Callahan is recommended reading.)

Water as Shape

The importance of water is not that it is composed as
H2O (two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom), but as
2 H2O: two water molecules normally are in close connection.
This is a result of their shape. The Hydrogen atoms are at an angle of 105° with respect to each other, which gives the water molecule a kind of boomerang shape.
As a result, two molecules are normally found together as one hand clasping another. Between them they take up less space, yet have room to move with respect of each other.

Water as Dance

This last bit is very important: the water molecules link up two-by-two; and are thereby determined by the angle of 105° that the hydrogen atoms make with respect to the oxygen in each water molecule. But is that angle changes ever so slightly, the relative position between the two water molecules will change also.


This - Do It Yourself - image may help to make clear how much energy/information can be stored in slight changes of angle. It can be felt when you clasp your hand an ever so slightly change the curvature of one hand: the other hand will also need to change curvature for the both of them to stay fitted. Between the hands you can feel that the opening between the palm of your hands gets larger or smaller. That is what is represented in the image below.

||  <>  --

Water as Energy

Herbert Fröhlich has described - in detail - how our body can be understood in terms of physics. As described by Björn Nordenström, Robert Becker and Cyril Smith, he explains that the fundamental processes in our body are of electric nature.

Herbert Fröhlich pointed out how the cell membranes acts as dialectics, but also that water is the driving force of the cell dynamics. Water as a fluid is a liquid crystal. In our cells water appears as a gel. Within the cell the cell drives the cell dynamics by its molecular and atomic ‘brownian’ motion. (“Herbert Fröhlich, a Physicist ahead of his Time; ed. G Hylands, P Rowlands)

Water as Force

The water molecule is composed of atoms.
Atoms are composed of protons and electrons - so we are told.
Protons and Electrons are connected by Electromagnetism.
It is thus the Electromagnetic field lines that define the shape of atoms; and water.

Electromagnetic field lines - so we are told - have a magnetic- and electric component.
Each of these components is at right angles to each other.
They are connected: they cross at the same point in the same rhythm.
However: it is possible that they do not - precisely - cross at that moment.

Image: magnetic and electric line not crossing at zero-point

Zero Point in formation

The importance of this image lies in the way the lines do not cross (normally) at the zero point. As a result, an immense amount of information can be contained in and around a simple single point.
It is the information that matters, literally.
It is the change in information (yes/no crossing in/around the zero point) that determines the energy. It can even determine the changes in polarity of the energy as small fluctuations can put the balance from one side to the other, thus plus to minus or inverse, in equating the balance.

Zero Point Energy

This phenomenon is called the Zero point.
The changes in balance and the effect on polarities and charges is called Zero Point Energy.
It may be clear that very small changes at this level have huge consequences for the structure and coherence of matter. Peter Rowlands has developed a mathematics for this: it is all based on the calculation of the number zero; and the need to maintain a balance (which means that all calculations must return to zero).
This is definitely something for aficionados, but fundamental for those who wish to understand the nature of the interplay between matter and information.

  • The above is very important:

There are many people why try to explain reality as if it is a material object: a thing. They do this in part because of a limitation of language: language refers to things (Maturana & Varela).

That is why the above said that the universe starts before the Big Bang.
Only then, is it immediately clear that Information is the basis of anything (and every no-thing) in existence.
From Information follows energy, which again leads to time and then space.

This is such a fundamental and important concept that it is spelled out, again, by itself:

Information => energy => time => space


Water is information

By understanding this concept it is also immediately clear why water can store information: water is information, like everything else that we perceive in the universe as a whole.

    (At this point an aside is of importance: there are people who say that the universe is a running down clockwork. They quote the Second Law of Thermodynamics for this purpose.
    They forget to notice that in ‘running down’, the energy that is ‘lost’ leads to a gain in complexity of coherence.
    While the level of energy seems to go down, the degree of intelligence (coherence) in manifestation goes up.
    We have ever more, ever more complex, ever more refined life forms.)

This is important because water plays a fundamental role in creating life forms.
This will be explained in the next section, pointing out how we came from minerals to plans to animals to people.


  • This section described that the universe starts with information.
    The Big Bang is a change in coherence which leads to the emergence of Energy; the Thundercloud phase of creation.
    This condensed into stars by the creation of atoms; and Time at the same time.
    This again congealed into the form of planets and matter.
  • Water combines the principles of motion (H) and coherence (O) in its molecular structure.
  • Water exists most often as 2H2O, which means that the relationship between the two molecules can determine the behaviour of water as a fluid.
    Small changes in the relationship between the two molecules reflect important changes in energy and coherence.
  • Important is that energy and information are always in balance; modern mathematics is elaborating the descriptions needed to describe this in detail.

Related topics:

  • Water as Matter: the alchemical perspective (solid, liquid, gas, plasma)
  • Water of Life (minerals, plants, animals, humans)
  • Water of Healing

2) Water as Matter

Section 1 described the emergence of matter; from the Big Bang.
Essential is that all matter is based on no-thing: phase space.
Matter is phase space in formation (verb) in formation (noun).
Matter, and water, is literally a Form of inFORMation.

This is very clearly seen in the properties of water.
Water shows all those four phases of the formation of matter.
Plasma, ionised gas, chemical processes, and physical structure.
In water - specifically - it is easy to see that there is a direct relationship between:

information, energy, time (dynamics) & space (structure).

In physics this leads to many questions:
water ‘disobeys’ many of the laws of physics.
It is said that water shows (19) “Anomalies” with regards to the laws of physics.
These “unpredictabilities in behaviour” will be seen to be essential for its properties as Water of/for Life (section 3).

All those unpredictabilties are not based on properties of water, but on limitations to the models.
In water we see that Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma are all interrelated.
They do not form separate phases (states) of matter, but they are interrelated states of phase.
This is what Alchemists already described as the Quintessence of the Four Elements.

Ice, Water, Mist and Steam

“The Four Elements” describe the different states of Matter.
In Water they are known as Ice, Water, Mist and Steam.
In general this is called Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.
In Mathematics the changes of state are described as changes in Degrees of Freedom.

Degrees of Freedom describe how things connect.
This can be shown in a series of symbols: Δ\_/,   _/ /  and  .-_
These symbols represent a triangle falling to pieces.
Every next step unhinges a link: due to which the structure collapses.

  1. Δ is the fixed state, the solid state of water: ice
  2. \_/ represents the fluid state when the top hinge is disconnected; the water can flow \_/ or \__ or __/, just as the hinges can move).
  3. _/ / represents the situation when another hinge is unhinged. (As a result two sides can coincide, || or = which takes up less space: the compressibility of gasses>)
  4. .-_ when all sides are ‘unhinged’ they can all align and ‘seem’ to disappear: this represents the immateriality of Plasma.

The simple symbols help explain the relationship between Ice, Water, Mist and Steam.
This is the relationship between Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.
It is the relationship between Matter, Molecules, Atoms and Phase space.
It is the relationship between Space, Time, Energy and Information.

Water has the same properties as all matter.
Its matter is composed of Molecules, which is composed of Atoms, which is a form of Information.
The sub-atomic principles (of Phase Space) determine the forms of the atoms. Atoms are simple ‘circles’ of electromagnetism (electrons, protons, and more). Molecules are clusters of Atoms. Matter is formed by clusters of molecules.
Each time it is the organisation (information) that determines the form.

The principles involves at these small,  sub-microscopic to subatomic levels can all be seen in water.
In water they are seen, and known, as the Phases of Water: ice, water, mist and steam.
This is a very important concept, so let’s again spell it out:

Ice, Water, Mist and Steam.

Phases of Matter, in Water

Physics now calls these phases: Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.
These are in principle the same, albeit in reversed order, as what we saw in the section on “the Matter of Water”.
There it was described as Information, Energy, Time and Space, by the development of (pre-) Big Bag, Cosmic Gas (the Thundercloud), Stars and the Planets. Such as Earth.
At a more fundamental level this is thus simply a change in manifestation of coherence.

More important than the changes of water – or matter – is the reason for change.
All these changes take place because there are changes in the context.
This changes the equation of balance.
As this balance shifts, so does the form of  manifestation of information.

    Water reflects this.

    This again is very important: matter is information in formation. It is a manifestation of information.
    As the ‘universe cools down’, information in matter ‘heats up’. The level of information in manifestation increases. There are ever more complex forms of manifestation.
    This is also seen in the way information is seen to be more important in matter.
    This can be seen in the emergence of minerals, plants, animals and humans; which will be described in a separate chapter.

This can be seen in water: water changes shape, form and manifestation according to the way the conditions around it change. When the heat or pressure goes up, water adapts and becomes more fluid, vapour, plasma. When the ambience cools down water assumes its own shape, determines by its own inner structure, and memories of its last context.

Liquid Crystal

Water has memory: indeed. Water is memory.
Water, by its nature is a Liquid Crystal.
That is the kind of matter that computer LCD screens are made of.
It is at the same time Solid, and it is Liquid.

This is the case at all levels: water, under the microscope, is simultaneously liquid and solid.
In liquid water there are little crystals, which travel through the water like needles. This is known as Micro Ice. More will be describe about this when we look at water from the perspective of Physics.

Water as a whole too is thereby Liquid and Crystal.
It can change shape between these states, when the circumstances change.
This has been mentioned above.
Now let’s see how these phase states relate...

Water has a very peculiar property: The Triple Point.
This is specific combination of pressure and temperature where water can immediately change from solid to liquid to gas.
It is a moment where water can change state; from 3 to 2 to 1 bonds in its structural organisation.
That is the opposite of corresponding changes in degrees of Freedom.

Triple Point of Water

The single combination of pressure and temperature at which water, ice, and water vapour can coexist in a stable equilibrium occurs at exactly 273.16 kelvins (0.01 °C) and a pressure of 611.73 pascals (ca. 6 millibars). At that point, it is possible to change all of the substance to ice, water, or steam by making infinitesimally small changes in pressure and temperature. (Note that the pressure referred to here is the vapor pressure of the substance, not the total pressure of the entire system.)

From the above you can see that we are not dealing with the interplay of solid liquid and gas, but also with plasma (information).
What is not measured in standard measurements of physics is the changes of states in living cells.
In body cells, temperature is very precisely regulated.
In body cells, water is confined (a gel), in a regulated electromagnetic field...

  • Is the triple point value the same? Or ... is the triple point of water in the body related to the body temperature.

What is not regarded in physics, IS seen in our body:
the interplay between Information and Matter.

information, energy, time (dynamics) & space (structure).

    Physics regards the relationship between state, temperature and pressure
    (i.e. Structure, Process and Interaction;
    i.e. Space, Time and Energy),
    but disregards the 4th component: Phase/Plasma/Information. !

In Physics, it is well-known that water is a liquid crystal.
In Phasics, we can see that this liquid crystal responds to changes in information.
The studies of Masaru Emoto, David Schweitzer and others show the effect: information alters the structure of water.
In our body we experience the consequences; this is the basis of “water of/for life”.

  • The change of state of water, represents a change of degrees of Freedom.
  • Any change of degrees of Freedom represents a change in Dimensionality of the system.
  • What we perceive as a change of phase state, is thus a change of “Logic” of the system.
  • Water shows us this change of Logic (Information) in its changes of State (materialisation).
  • This accounts for the sub-title of this text:
    “The Hidden Dimensions”.
    The changes of state, which are changes of Phase, are
    changes in Dimensions.
    This was already shown - briefly - in the relationship between
    Δ,  \_/,   _/ /  and  .-_
    We now see that this has very practical significance for
    (the states of) water.

The Hidden Dimensions of Water

Changes in dimensions determine changes in patterns of coherence.
The notion of dimension is often associated with Geometry (but it is a much more fundamental principle in its own rights).

  • In Geometry it is said that we define a Point, a Line, a Plane and a Volume.
  • These are said to have different Dimensions.
  • It is more practical to realise that these Dimensions are changes with respect to internal forms of coherence.
  • This will later be shown – in its separate chapter – to be related to changes in degrees of inner freedom.

Changes in Dimensions reflect a change of Logic.
Logic is the (most) formal way of describing how ‘things’ are connected.

A very useful way of describing ‘relationships’ between ‘things’ is by Systems Theory.
System Theory explains that Structures are Processes which are Interactions of Integration.
There, descriptions are offered in many ways, including 1) objects, 2) relationships, 3) interactions, 4) unit(ie)s. All can be called Systems.
When described as Nodes, Branches, Loops and Networks we recognise the same pattern as presented (graphically, above ., -, Δ, <|>

The fourth symbol represents a tetrahedron.
This is also the basic shape mentioned at the top, of 2H2O.
In this way we see in the shape of water, ‘the shape of the logic’.
As we will se below, in the change of the shape of water we can see the change of the logic?

    We need another step in our understanding: Dimensional Analysis.
    This is not about changes of logic, but changes of Scale.
    Dimensional Theory was designed to be able to account for differences in scale models.
    When ships or aeroplanes models are built on much smaller scale, they respond differently to the properties of air and water.

    In order to account for those differences, Dimensional Analysis makes it possible to ‘calculate’ the effects of the scale change.
    This is done by determining all the “Parameters” which play a role in the calculations.
    Then each of these Parameters is expressed in the basic units, of energy, time and space.
    These are then combined into one specific calculation, the Dimensionless Number. (Interested? Study the book by Langhaar.)

    Dimensional Analysis is not about the nature of Dimensions (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D and so on) but about the relationships between them.
    This is the same as seen in Water: the changes in relationship.
    Water is not so important (see below: “The Water of Life”) because it has different phases (drops, streams, lakes, atmosphere) but because of the relationship in the changes between them.
    These changes reflect changes in information.

The Hidden Dimensions of Water all are the result of this essence: the transformations between the states of water, reflect changes in the coherence of nature.
When the environment changes, so does water. Water reflects, in its form, the changes of Nature. In water we can se how the environment changes.
This can be seen in the micro ice, under the microscope.
It can be macroscopically seen when you can skate in the mist on ice that – in summer – is water you can swim in.

Below you will see studies of people who showed this.
You will find experiments by which you can prove this for yourself.
You will be able to test that water responds to information, and life forms respond to water “with information”.
All can be summarised as: water, a liquid crystal, can store information.

    Homeopathy is an application of this property of water,
    to store information of its context in its own inner organisation, thus structure
    (as thus does all matter: matter is a state of information).


  • This section described that the properties of water are very special.
  • The many so-called ‘anomalies’ of physics demonstrate that - in water, visibly - other principles play a role than the standard laws of physics.
  • Standard laws of physics focus in inertia, invariance. Water disobeys these principles; is variable.
  • This variability is seen in the interchange between the four phases of matter: solid, liquid, gas and plasma.
  • These phases of state relate to the states of phase:
    Space, Time, Energy and Information.
  • The Triple Point of water shows that these can all interconnect.
  • This is why water can be understood to be a Liquid Crystal.
  • As other liquid Crystals, the state of water reflects the state of Information.

Related topics:

  • Water responds to information
  • Life forms respond to water with information
  • Informing water for the purpose of healing life forms

3) Water & Life

Many researchers have shown that the remarkable properties of water are very important to life.
We will look at some of those studies, and see how water responds to information.
We will also look at the ways life responds to water with information.
You will also learn ho you yourself can inform water, and create healing (holy) water.

Water Researchers

There are, and have been, very many researchers of water.
Some of these published their findings.
Some of those are known.
In other words: what we find of the studies of water is the glimmer off a tip of an iceberg in the world oceans.

Most of these studies have been done by people living in nature: farmers, healers.
Some of these studies have been done by people in cities; priests, water vendors.
Most of the research was based on the effect of water on nature, plants, life stock or humans.
Some of it on the study on water proper.

Presently the water vendors have cornered the market on water.
As a result, must studies have been focused on the physical-biochemical properties of water.
This kind of research is based on the classical deterministic model of science.
From a Life Science perspective, however, the quality of water is not determined by it physical and chemical purity, but on its bio-chemical activity and function, and - particularly - its role as carrier of information.

Research on the function of water as carrier of information has been stifled.
Corporate interests - both on the side of water pollution, and water purification - benefit from ‘conceptual simplification’ (deception) ... to save on expenses.
For information on water quality other approaches are needed, such as the effect of water on living beings.
The researches referred to below represent a selection of those many researchers of water who have looked at both the effects of water on life (forms), and the information aspects of water.

Jacques Benveniste - cells respond to the memory of water

Jacques Benveniste showed that a cavia heart - living cells - responded to water, as it it were a hormone. He used water in which hormone had been succussed (homeopathic dilution). He later built a robot to do all the operations of the dilution, to demonstrate that this was an effect of water; not of the person doing the succussion.

He also demonstrated that people holding water can 1) erase the information (to 15%) of the signal, or 2) enhance the signal (to 85%), By this he confirmed his suspicion that when ‘researchers’ came to ‘confirm’ his findings, the effect of the water appeared to have been lost; erased...

Masaru Emoto - water conveys information

Masaro Emoto worked as doctor using water for healing; and had noticed and knew the effect. Water healing - in Japan as elsewhere - has a very long tradition. (Romans used long aqueducts to get water of better quality than what was found near their cities.)

“No two snow flakes look alike” inspired Masaru Emoto to look for differences in quality as differences in their crystals when frozen. His findings are now world famous. He also showed how water responds to touch, thought and symbols.

David Schweitzer - water stores memory

David Schweitzer likewise had these findings. In his approach he looked at the water film immediately prior to evaporation, under polarised light. He too found that water shows different patterns of crystallisation depending on the source, or how it had been treated (transport ducts, storage, thought and touch).

Herbert Fröhlich - water fuels living cells

Herbert Fröhlich, physicist, was inspired by his wife Fanchon to look into the physics of biology. He studies the dialectric properties of tissues and was ahead of his time in realising the importance of advanced (electromagnetic) properties of modern physics in living organisms.

As part of his work he came to realise the importance of the characteristics of water for the living cell: the thermodynamic fluctuations of water are the ‘engine’, the driving force of the (electromagnetic) cellular interactions.

Cyril Smith - water has its own logic

Cyril Smith, engineer, chanced into a series of studies on the effect of electric fields on human being. He also came to know Herbert Fröhlich, and his work. By his interest in frequencies, and the functioning of systems, Cyril Smith also came to understand that water does not only have a role on the energy state of the cell, but also on the cell information. (Cyril Smith also knew Jacques Benveniste, and his work).

Water has its own logic” summarises many of the findings of Cyril Smith. His work on this web site lists his publications, i.a on homeopathic dilutions and how it is possible to imprint information ‘onto’ water, and ‘read it out’ after.

Rudolf Hauschka - water listens to nature


Viktor Schauberger - water shows cosmic principles of nature

Viktor Schauberger, forester, studied the nature of water and came to understand it to such a degree that he could use water to float logs which were more heavy than water.

Flannagan - micro clusters in Water

When water is vortexed, it enters into the streamlines of the vortex and becomes more coherent as a result. The micro-ice crystalline structures break up, due to spin axis rotation, resulting in only very small clusters of 2.H2O molecules: micro clusters. These clusters appear to be well organised, and beneficial for ‘nurturing’ living organisms.

The Water of Life

Life is very much based on the 2*H2O nature of water.

Just as a wheel can turn around the 'safe space' - the void space - between the Hub and the Axle, likewise Water has a powerful “Secret Space” - or open space - between  the 2 H2O molecules.
Within this space water can change its phase angle(if ever so slightly - which 'amplifies' onto a change in placement of the one molecule with respect to the other. This can be compared to the 'Moiré Amplification' characteristic for an interference [pattern in a regular lattice (on which much of the work of Bill Tiller is based). This Amplification by Interference between Phase-Grids is also the basis of the principle of the Laser, and Maser, and can be (in general) called the Phaser. The paper on BioHolograms elaborates this concept - and relates it to electricity, magnetism, the difference between them (and the incompleteness of that description).

  • The double bond makes Water a Dual Oscillator.
  • The degree of freedom between the 2 H2O makes that its structure is based on TWO bonds:
    the FIXED bond in the (paramagnetic) Oxygen atom, and
    the FREE bond between the two water molecules.
  • The FIXED BOND is of the nature of ELECTRIC COUPLING.
  • The FREEBOND has the nature of MAGNETIC COUPLING.

The Coupling between these two kinds of coupling 'makes water akin' to the coupling between the Magnetic and Electric wave in the EM wave field.
Water thereby is the equivalent (manifestation?) of the information-matter energy-phase exchange in the Zero Point Transition.
Water is thereby able to manifest changes (or their equivalent) at a smaller (sub-atomic) level; which relates to the scaleability found in electromagnetic systems. (See “Thunderbolts of the Gods” to see how this operates to galactic and cosmic scales).

These changes are best seen at moments of phase transition: when water evaporates, or freezes.
Masaru Emoto has shown the images of water crystallisation in the phase transition of freezing.
David Schweitzer has shown the same for the 'water film' at the moment of Evaporation.
Both were able to show that water takes on the characteristics of the environment it forms part of.

A simile may be helpful: the crystallisation of Copper Chloride, such as used at institute de Bolk.
By itself, water knows how to crystallise but - being fluid, cannot.
By itself, copper chloride is crystalline, but being solid, can not change.

Combined, they can change their crystallisation to 'mirror' changes in their ambient field.

The following ‘crystallisation figures’ show how copper chloride solution ‘portrays’ “quality’” of substances; in the same way it can mirror qualities of environments.

This method has been used (i.a. in Anthroposophy) as indicator of environments, cell health and food quality.
It serves as quality indicator because it caters to our 'right brain' capacity for pattern recognition.
This Pattern Recognition capacity is based on the Fractal Nature of our body, and our ability to change the Logic of that Fractal.
Note that the capacity for Pattern Recognition is based on the properties of an interference pattern; as is the yes/no crystallisation of water.

Karl Pribram pointed out that our brain functions on basis of principles of Holograms.
Water crystallisation is based on the same concept.
Our body is mainly composed of water 'in containers' (Cell water = gel water).
Our capacity to live ( and the capacity for life) is presumably based on this capacity of water.


In our body the yes/no/maybe/? properties of water can be seen in greater detail.
Herbert Fröhlich has pointed out that cells derive their energy from the natural oscillation of water.
Cyril Smith has pointed out that water is a logical function operator.
In other words - combining both - water is active energy source, and ‘computer’; the following section explores this.

Living Water


To be continued...

4) Healing Water

From Poly-water to Holy water is but a small step ...

To be continued...


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