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Science is the art op operating ideas; when the ideas are wrong; they are called illusions/delusions...
Most scientific studies operate merely by imagination; gedankenexperiment.
Although imagination is creative, it is not reality, but merely realisation.
Imagination leading to realisation that is experienced is (if) in fact reality.

Mathematics is only, merely, an exercise on imagination.
The reality of mathematics operates only at the symbolic level.
Mathematics is a symbolic language; same as is the case for symbolic magic.
In fact, in essence, mathematics and magic are the same.

Physics is in part based on imagination, in part on realisation.
Imagination is the basis of/for design for experimentation.
Experimentation is held to be the gauge for realisation.
However, the imagination, of design for experimentation for realisation contains a vicious loop.

It is the same vicious loop as is found in hypnosis.
There it is called relaxation, imagination, suggestion and realisation.
The methods for inducing trance are akin to that of research; maintained relaxed alert focus.
For the mind there is no true difference between experimentation and autosuggestion.

That was remarked already (in a different way) by Maturana and Varela.
They wondered what difference there is between perception and hallucination.
In the body, brain and mind the same sensory signals are processed.
In perception it is based on sensation; in hallucination it is based on memory replay.

However, all elements in memory are derived from earlier 'original' sensations.
The process of sensation however is prone to many systematic systemic errors.
We always perceive under influence of our own blind spots.
And our memories may be affected/altered by i.a. life shocks.

We have no certain gauge for the validation of any recorded sensation.
Quite to the contrary: every recorded sensation is individually unique.
Agreement in discussion of description of sensation is merely consensus.
In bases, every objective description is always based on subjective sensation.

Whenever science calls an observation "objective'; it refers to an object in language.
Objective observation as such does NOT exist; it is an oxymoron conundrum.
Objective reality is merely, only, an object in language: a definition or model.
In other words, objective reality is a formulation as description by symbol, only.

Objective reality is this, only, a symbolic representation.
Symbolic representation is however characteristic for magic.
Magic is the operation of symbols, to affect reality.
Objective science operates symbols to manipulate our realisation.

This relationship/principle must be well understood.
Science is not objective; science is a form of magic.
By understanding science as magic, ‘its spell will be broken’.
It will be clear that science does not determine what is real; the scientist does.

Science as such is merely an abstraction; it does not exist.
Science as abstraction operates only on/as/in our imagination.
What shapes our reality are not ‘scientific facts’, but our belief in them
The history of science proves this, by the way/degree that the 'facts' change.

There was a time when people believed in the decrees ("bulls") of churches.
Nowadays people believe, just as much, in the decrees ('facts') of science.
In both cases, your beliefs are replaced by those of anonymous others.
In both cases you surrender your free will, unawares, to unknown others.

Science is a social process.
Science is operated by scientists always.
Only Scientist are response-able for their actions.
Science, as abstraction, is irresponsible (as shown by planetary pollution and destruction of life on Earth).

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