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Archetypes are abstract experiences, or behaviours.
Archetypes are often confused with 'gods', in religions.
Archetypes are reflection of conditioned conditions.
Archetypes are cultural cultivated Reflex constructs.

Abstractions related to consciousness, at 4 levels.
Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious and Out-of-conscious.
Pertaining to Environment, Body, Organ and Cell experience.
It is also the Individual, Relationship, Group and Species.

Few people learn to live/operate/understand abstractions.
Philip Zimbardo described it in "The Lucifer Effect”.
People do evil, because they confuse levels of involvement.
As a result they impinge/infringe on the territory of others.

The construct of Archetype is based on Belief creation.
Experiences, Body Response, Result and Memory are one.
Sensation, Emotion, Reaction and Realisation are therein linked.
This has been separately described in "The Bones of Belief".

“Archetype" describes the social aspect of a Belief construct.
Whatever we experience within us, we experience between us.
Communication between people is based on cell communication.
"Archetype" denotes the social abstraction of individual sensation.

The term "Archetype" therein makes the essence inaccessible.
By formulating it 'beyond us', we do not see how it operates within us.
By describing it as Abstraction, we lose concrete contact with it.
For that reason, it is better to understand Archetype as a general(ised) belief.

The generalisation of the belief is based on communication.
This has been described in the paper "Scientific Consensus".
It has been elaborated in the paper "Shifting the Paradigm".
It involves the complexity of the System Boundary complex.

The system boundary is by definition a Singularity of/for the system.
Any changes of the system boundary is based on system regulation.
In living organisms, that is die to shifting the SSSS (System Singularities Stability Set).
That is always based on freedom of Choice, in creating a unique World Image.

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