Remembering and Forgetting Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Remembering and Forgetting-
(Loss of) Coherence in Nesting and Embedding

Cell Division gives a fine example of Fractal Unfoldment.
(Hyper) Incursion helps understand how fractals can form Circuits.
Molecular Metabolomes shows how these can form stable circuits.
Hanappi Loops explain how they remain stable in changing context.

These examples - from our body mathematics - apply to mind also.
Every molecule is an antenna: metabolomes are computational circuit.
We can discern between closed loops (remembering) and open circuits (forgetting).
It brings to the for that mentation is about recontextualisation: Nesting and Embedding.

Crucial in the consideration is our active involvement.
In our life we have freedom of choice; which means we are directly and actively involved in the changes in Nesting and Embedding.
These involve changes of Logic: changing the fundamental connections in the underlying coherence.
These changes in (4D) Logic can be described in terms of changes in the (logic) dynamics of the fractal.

The fractal thereby becomes the ‘record’ of/for all changes of coherence of the system in its context.
The fractal itself represents, not the system, but the interface of the system with/in its context.
These fractal operation dynamics not only ‘describe’ the coherence (health) in growth of the body, but also the coherence in the growth (learning) of our mind.
In our body we witness the workings of this system in the Immune/Learning system, in the Stress/Regulatory system, in the metabolome/metabolic cycles and in the connective-tissue/cell membrane role of the development of our species via DNA write-rewrites.

This paper brings together the work of Susie Vrobel (Time Fractals), Daniel Dubois (Hyperincursion), Jan van der Greef (Metabolome Systems), Gerhardt Hanappi (Open-Closed System Circuits), Peter Rowlands (Write-Rewrite logic) and O#o van Nieuwenhuijze (the Equation of Life).


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