Reality is a Realisation Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

The core realisation of O#o van Nieuwenhuijze, MSc, MD

  1. ‘Science’  is Dead       (Science needs to be brought to life)
  2. Health Care is Sick     (Health care needs to be healed)
  3. Humans are creators   (Humans cannot be regarded as creatures)
  4. Earth is Paradise, by our making  ((e.g. LJ :: LandJuwelen))

Human life differs fundamentally from the life of a rock.
This means that Classical Science, which was developed in a quest to understand  inert invariant (dead) matter, does not apply for understanding living beings, i.a humans.
Classical science has an immense Blind Spot: it cannot deal with, thus not understand, Newness.

As a consequence it cannot understand Freedom of Choice, the precise difference in what happens within a Rock, and living beings.
Conventional Science thereby cannot understand Life, Love, Health and Consciousness.
Classical Science can be considered a Science of Dead matter,
Modern Physics has made immense progress, since the emergence of Classical Dead Science.

In understanding the nature of matter, molecules, atoms and subatomic ‘particles’ were detected. Science changed from physics to Chemistry to Electromagnetism to Informatics.
It is now clear that reality is composed of patterns of coherence, in phase space: Reality is composed on nothing, in coherence. Atoms are mainly void, patterns of coherence.
The universe thereby is a void (phase space) in formation; and information is the main ingredient it is composed of.
All of the universe therein is connected: never and nowhere have humans been separate from the development of the universe as a whole.

It is conceptually and technically impossible for the human to be separate from the universe that we perceive.

This means that the Outsider Observer does not exist.
It also means that Objective Science does not exist.
Science is based on scientists.
And objective science is no more than subjective views, amalgamated into a conditional cultural collective conditioned consensus.

This science offers no basis for understanding health and healing.

2) Health Care is Sick

Modern Health care bases itself on the science of dead matter.
The concepts, models, theories and technologies of Dead Science do not apply to Living Beings.
They only apply, and only in part, to the material that human bodies are composed of.
Human bodies are composed of and by living cells.

The symbiosis of simple cells led to the complex of our body as we know it.
Health care needs to be based on this understanding: how cells interact with matter.

Living cells operate on Freedom of Choice: they can change their internal phase state.
As a result they can change their relationship with their context.

As a result they can effectuate changes in the context.
The fundamental property of life thereby is also the fundamental property of Creation.

Living organisms are not creatures but creators.
Living organisms are in part subject to the laws of Dead Matter: physics, chemistry, electromagnetism, and informatics.

Living organisms are subject to these laws only to the extent that they can be regarded as objects. I.e. where they do not operate freedom of choice.
Living beings differ fundamentally from inert material objects: the materials they are composed of, are all substrates of informatics.

Modern Medicine, based on classical dead science, is obsolete. It too regards living beings as dead objects, because it believes that classical science describes the universe, including life.

  • Classical Science does not describe life, love, health and consciousness.
  • Modern medicine is obsolete; but it is only one of Humanity’s forms of healing.


  1. Modern medicine and other form of healing of anatomical states can deal well with classical (dead) aspects of our body.
  2. Ayurveda and other forms of healing of physiological processes can deal with the relativistic aspects of our body.
  3. Acupuncture and other forms of healing of electromagnetic bio-regulation can deal well with the probabilistic aspects of our being.
  4. Shamanism and other forms of information integrity healing can deal well with the integral field aspects of our being.

This leads to the notion of Integral Health Care.

Integral Health Care makes use of Somatic, Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Shamanic Healing, for healing Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.
Together they complement each other: the strengths of one form of healing correct and compensate, complement the weaknesses of another.
Integral Healing allows for the integration of all forms of healing.
Integral Healing shifts the balance of healing from palliation to cure to early detection to prevention.

Integral Healing can be easily learned: it is based on the principles that created our bodies. We all have direct experience with this. We already know this, even if we do not know this.
Integral Healing can be integral part of human living: from kindergarten through primary and secondary schools, everybody can learn to apply integral healing.
As a result for all people, “healer heal thyself”, “Many Hands make Light Work”, …, “Prevention is better that Cure”, are actual facts.
“Healing Health Care” requires the integration of all forms of healing

“Bringing Science to Life” requires the application of this understanding in science.

3) Science is life science.

What science described as the laws of nature, is a reflection of human realisation.
Reality is thus a realisation.
The laws of mind, expressed in the theories of science, are not laws of nature. They are principles of perception.
Models of science are not real: they are structures of language

Models of science are not true: they are constructs of consensus
Reality is a realisation (See 1)
Creatures are Creators (See 2)
Living organisms, ‘Creatures’, have Freedom of Choice.

Living being can choose to change their internal state.
By changing their inner state, they change their relationship to their context.
By changing their relationship to their context, they change the context they live in.
“Adaptation” is two-sided always.

Adaptation is interfacing: by adaptation we change the interface of/with our context.
Living beings live ‘on edge’: in part they live in material matter; in part they live beyond it.
Understanding this, is the basis for and of healing.
Life is an interfacing feature: it takes place in the realm of dimensional transitions. (This requires a separate description.)

Life is in interaction with our context.
This means that life is interfacing: response-ability.
Reality is not an object, but a system; the same holds for realisation.
Human beings can heal health care, bring science to life, and heal the world.

Human beings have harmed the world, severely, because they chose to believe that the universe is composed of Dead Matter. Even their own bodies were regarded as such as a result.
The universe has four core dimensions: Space, Time, Energy and Consciousness. All operate together.
Consciousness is the understanding that Reality is but a Realisation; and that the universe is a manifestation of information.
Humans too are a manifestation of information.

Human creatures are creators, and thus apply freedom of choice, in a universe that is innately integrate.
By learning to understand the response-ability in living, human will automatically apply the principles of healing; and human life on Earth will he healthy and healing for the planet.

4) Planting Paradise

This understanding van be applied: “Planting Paradise” describes this concept as a project.
Eco-Village is example of the application of this realisation.
EcoVillage is separately described.

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