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The Realisation of Reality complements the series of articles on MetaThematics

Where MetaThematics describes that we need a different way of thinking and a different basis for science to understand life; this series on the Realisation of Reality describes how we experience, live, this in our body.

This however requires a quality of understanding beyond our capacity for understanding.
What we seek is the equivalent of universal/g.o.d.-awareness: the realisation of the whole, in the part.

The language that we use is not able to address this: it refers to objects.
In fact, so-called objectivity, merely refers to the mapping of understanding into/as objects/models in language/formulation.

Objectivity is based omn subjectivity always.
What we need is a formal formulation for this:

Reality is a realisation

This series of essays was inspired by a series of dreams, dealing with the description of the entrainment of matter by mind.

  • How can we describe the interplay between mind and matter in our body?
  • Can we understand the effect of mind on the masses in society?
  • Can we grasp the concept of the consequences of our participation in creation?
  • Can we prove that Reality is merely a Realisation?

We will address the concept of the Collapse of the Vector of State.
This is the mathematical representation of/for our participation in creation.,
By understanding this, we can come to understand the response-ability of the scientist ion creating science
That will help us realise the responsibility of science, and humanity, in creation.

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