Qi - Consciousness Energy Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

QI - Consciousness-Energy in our Body-Mind

Our reality is based on the integrate relationship between Consciousness, Energy, Time and Space.
This connection is based on the (dimensional) logic of organisation of Phase Space).
Each change in dimension(ality) corresponds with a right-angle-turn with respect to the previous level.
In that way, phase weaves into Energy, which braids into Time, which then can tie into Space.

In our body we experience this interconnection.
Our body is created out of the surrounding uniVerse on this basis.
Our body thereby is ‘the uniVerse, in in-verse’.
Our ability to experience and express Freedom of Choice related to - what is known as - “Qi”.

The following describes the relationship between:

  • information-matter
  • consciousnes-energy
  • mind-body
  • ka-ba

Essential is that, and how, we live this.

To be continued ...

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