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Personal Realisation: The Science of Religion

Science, religion, the para-normal (normal-para) and healing all come together in the following text.
Science and religion are descriptions of the way people - collectively - deal with the unknown.
Both are methods of, for, collective Anxiety Reduction.
The Normal-Para (Psi) and healing address ways by which we can live this.


Science and religion both have the aim to resolve our collective blind spot.
Both seek to help to know the unknown.
It is impossible to known the unknown: by knowing the unknown, the unknown has changed.
What is possible is to address the unknown side of knowing (learning).

The capacity to learn, to get to know, is in-built in our body.
It is known as the Immune System, the Self healing aspect of the regulatory system, our Digestive System, and the cellular system of incorporation of information and matter.

In our sleep cycle we see how this functions: we shift our attention away from the known/context to the ‘unknown’, the vital cell function.
The basis of our knowing therefore lies in our capacity to know; by our connection to the uniVerse that we form part of.

The essence of learning - and understanding the unknown - lies in that connection.
This connection is the link where the system ‘turns inside out’; and forms part of the whole system.
In our body we see this in the navel, on the blind spot in our eyes, and in the point where we stand on the Earth; our standpoint.
We see the same in our mind - the blind spot of our mind: our reality stops being valid, where it is directly anchored on our realisation.

Some people come to know this, and learn to use this: “the (natural) psychics”.
Instead of being ‘anchored on the spot’, they ‘move their (mind’s) eyes’ and come to “realise” that there are realities, beyond their knowing.
In the past, tribes and cultures travelled and were used to strangeness of various kind, a world of wonders.
When people became settlers, they not only immobilised their position but also their vision; and un-learned the wonders of newness: whatever they did not know became ‘strange’ (Fear of the Unknown).

Estrangement - or Alienation - is most often result of self-limitation (self-hypnotisation).
In advertising, politics, religion and education this is seen as the rote repetition of ‘recipes’ for dealing with newness; inoculation is a very invasive example of the same concept.
In that approach, whatever is strange is combated; in as many ways as there are examples of newness.
Most wars in society are based on this premiss: “ritualisers” (normalisers) tell people what is ‘real’ and ‘true’ and thereby deprive them of their own capacity for learning and knowing; religion/politics is most often used for that purpose.

Religion and Science are collective instruments for Angst Reduction.
Both are meant to help to be able so see, and deal with, the unknown.
Science does this by helping people by offering more ways of seeing.
Religion does the same by offering people more fundamental ways of realisation.

Where Science and religion, originally, served the purpose of the exploration of the unknown. both have been taken over by people (the Settlers) who operate out of fear of changes.
The result is that Religion offers all kinds of nonsensical explanations, ‘as if this gives them power over the impossible, and thus the unknown’ (‘they speak for the gods’).
Likewise Science has now been turned into a bureaucratic machine, where subsidies will only be given if you can prove beforehand, that there will be an outcome; and what it will be (‘They proclaim the truth’.).

By looking into the workings of our body, we can see the origin of both science and religion (in our blind spots)>
We can also see why, and how, science and religion no longer stopped to function (materialism).
We can then also come to realise the underlying natural function: our body is art of the uniVerse, and - by principle - knows how to deal with the unknown.
Than then brings us to the realisation of solution, for which we find the general principles in Healing (as also applied in the Science of Life).





Psi (Normal-para / paranormal)






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