Invitation Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care


Please join in on a project “Science of Life”.
Your work in science is one of the important contributions in this new field of science.

Science initially studied matter: materials, molecules, atoms, thereby damaging Earth.
Science now starts to discover subatomic spaces, and the importance of information.

The project Science of Life is intended to cure the current philosophy & science of death.
Your work helps realise that all that science described, describes scientists.

Uri Fidelman
Equations of science describe how our brain organises information

Jon Cunnyngham
The formulation of consciousness and matter is the same in principle; ‘we describe us’

Diego Rapoport
The mathematics of mind and body is the same

T’zaq Jones
Coherence in different forms: the relationship between gravity, EM, Orgone and Qi

Matti Pittkänen
Describing the dynamics of creation, and the types if mathematics that are needed

Gilles Nibart
Physics must take into account phase/field coherence (superluminary processes)

Peter Marcer
Holographic models of consciousness and matter

Karl Pribram
Holographic nature of our brain and realisation of reality

Walter Schempp
We can apply the mathematics of phase coherence to understand our body in depth

Vanessa Hill
The molecules of life represents dynamics of coherence in information in formation

Peter Rowlands
The physics of creation is the same as the mathematics of the molecules of life

Bjorn Nordenström
Our body has a large information-energy field/system

Mae-Wan Ho
Body materials secreted by living cells are information-responsive

Cyril Smith
The information flow in the body is operated by meridians and homeopathy

James Oshmann
The connective tissue system connects skin, organ capsules, cell membranes  and DNA

Bruce Lipton
The cell dynamics show how we learn, over many generations

Lynn Margulis
Symbiosis is the most important driving factor in evolution

Susie Vrobel
The Time Fractal helps understand the integrity of our body in live; and ancestry

O#o van Nieuwenhuijze
We can explicitly define health, consciousness, love and life

Rupert Sheldrake
We experience and operate the interconnectedness of the universe, within us

Coby Schasfoort
We shape our life, well-being and health by the way we make our decisions

Jan van der Greef
Metabolomes: inter-intracellular communication, the food chain and learning

Roel van Wijk
Photonic fields in the body and uncommon properties of our body: measurement

Bert Verveen
Health and the integrity of our body regulation

Jaap van der Wal
Our body as shape of integration of information


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