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The Science of Life - Self-fitting Puzzle

The picture of the Science of Life emerged out of a series of fragments.
Once, I had the image of walking through a mental palace, in the dark.
And, lighting a match in a room here and there, for a flash image.
I kept those images in my mind, and they together form an integral picture.

It taught me much about how my mind works: in a holographic sense.
Apparently, evidently, my mind can create and store integral pictures.
But, also, my mind can connect those pictures, ‘if I leave them alone’.
Later I came to understand that this is how the soul ‘works’.

Yes, the ‘soul, and I.-g.o.d., and other words became clear in this quest.
All the time, because I left ideas open, did not tie them together.
Johanna Buchenau calls that the skill of having loose ends:
I experience as leaving the puzzle pieces on the table, until they fit.

That seems to be how the science of life was puzzled together.
By leaving the pieces of the puzzle where the were, as they were.
But: I evidently recognised them, somehow, and took them along.
And now they, together for a complete and overall image, in my mind.

This chapter, and this book, is intended to help you to do the same.
You might have a different insight that you are piecing together.
Perhaps you have interest in the Science of Life, as catchy title.
In either case: see how we have the ability to integrate insights.

The same holds for the authors who contribute to Science of Life.
They each have their individual perspective, and findings.
This is the first time they are invited to bring their insights together.
And it is only now that they can experience how their ideas complement each other, in my understanding of their work.

Let me show you the collage of pictures with which it all started.
For me they were all meaningful picture, which I could not place, … yet.
I invite you, as reader, to do the same: “accept, in suspended animation.
And see if for you too the pictures later by themselves ‘fall in place’.

Seeing the uniVerse as a whole

For me, the quest started, one evening sitting behind my desk as student.
I sensed that some of the concepts that I was ‘taught’, did not fit.
So I wondered how it all started; how the uniVerse came to exist.
And, suddenly, in a relaxed moment, I saw it, as a flash movie.

Bill Tiller - connecting the dots

In a conversation with Bill Tiller, he described the connection in EM.
The Electromagnetic (EM) wave has an electric and magnetic wave.
They are said to come together, in one point precisely, each wave.
“But”, said Bill, “it is not quite as precise as the textbooks let believe”.

Mae-Wan Ho - the plastic universe

After conversations with Mae-Wan Ho I read further, in her book.
And there it was: the idea that all body materials are elastoplasts.
All body materials are liquid-crystal, pizo-electric, transducer-transponder, intelligent gels.
Just as I had come to understand in engineering: all materias flow.

Robert Becker - cell micro-electronics

I did not meet Robert Becker; but I did read what he wrote.
He described the same: the flows of (electricity in) materials.
With specifically the idea that all cells operate in microcurrents.
Which also means that our whole body is sensitive to EM fields.

Cyril Smith - body frequencies

Cyrils smith had found the same; also that bodies can lack shielding.
Some people react to electromagnetic fields strongly; overreact.
That means that all people react to EM fields weakly, specifically.
Cyril smith discovered how weak: in the meridians and homeopathics.

Charles Rowlatt -cell cycle growth integrity

In conversations with Charles, the image of the Crystal Ball stands central.
Both as the image that within the ball, in the middle, all light beams meet and invert.
Also, that within each ball, the size determines the time scales.
It helps understand how the body cells can ‘lose time’, and grow sick.

Bert Verveen - system patho eco socio psycho physiology

The body operates by exchanges between cells, and between organs.
Between all there are feed forwards and feedback loops, which vary.
Bert realised that diseases are all based in loss of normal cycle coherence.
That helped me understand that thus works for body, mind and society also.

Karl Pribram - all is one (hologram brain/being)

It all comes together in the findings of Karl Pribram.
Our body is one whole, combining information and matter.
Matter forms the carries wave, against which mind can function.
It is the holographic nature, which links us with the uniVerse as a whole.

Jon Cunnyngham - Hidden Dimensions

In the first paper i ever presented there was one man in the room who understood.
He too had seen that the life we live is not based on matter; but that our thinking matters.
He had come to the insight that there is an amorphous model, behind all known models.
In that model of models, how we think matters as much as what we are thinking about.

Walter Schempp - realising oneness

Walther Schempp in his beautiful mathematics shows the solution.
Uncertainty exists only when you regard the part loose from the whole.
As soon as you combine both points of perspective, uncertainty disappears.
This also points out how freedom of choice is the core of our body.

Jaap van der Wal - interconnectedness beyond matter

In a lecture Jaap explained how the bones, periost, sinews and muscles form one system.
It was the same understanding is I had found from seeing the universe form.
It connected the dots: I saw how cell division is not about the physical matter.
Coherence is based on the underlying invisible (EM/light) process.

Phil Callahan - molecules are antennae

Phil Callahan told me that EM waves can be coherent outside matter.
“They have coherence, in clusters of waves; which are called orgones”.
I read up on his books and saw how he had discovered the nature of antennae.
More important; the antennae in nature: molecules carry information.

Uri Fidelman - inverting thinking

“The equation type, e=mc2, represents how our brain orders information”.
Suddenly I saw that all equations of ‘objective’ science can be inverted.
All those equations are formulations of the way we come to realisations.
All knowledge of physics can be used to understand ‘our living soul’.

Suzy Vrobel - Zipping Timing

Already I had worked out that time too has 4 dimensions; just as space.
In the case of time, it is how we connect cycles, and arrange timing.
The I heard Suzy talk: “Time can be understood as a Fractal”.
Suddenly what she said connected 4D time into the living cell process.

Peter Rowlands - the algebra of life

I had no notion what he was explaining; yet I felt it all fit: logical, coherent.
I knew that this was the mathematics I had in vain sough, in engineering school.
Here was the formulation of what I had seen in the ‘inverting universe’ image.
Finally, the mathematics which brings everything, in life, together.

Vanessa Hill - the Geometry of Life

And then Vanessa came with her pictures; same as I know from Roberto Renout.
She showed how biology has the same logic as Peter Rowlands describes.
And she helped me see how I can understand the HyperBoule of Roberto.
Roberto had created an insight integrating all platonic solids, in lime.

Dan Winter - The Vortex of Life of Lawrence Edwards

“The shape of the egg and seeds is the shape of an inverting vortex”.
Dan Winter had explained that Lawrence Edwards understood the vortex.
Dan himself showed how the vortex in golden mean ratio connects all.
It is all about seeing that, and how, each part, is part of the whole.

Lynn Margulis - Life is Symbiosis

Before/In medical school I learned how lightning formed amino acids.
Kennet Rand had explained hoe lightning connects space with time.
Phil Callahan had explained that matter is information.
Lynn Margulis helped see (via her books) how all life forms are interconnected, by symbiosis.

Jan van der Greef - dotted lines of cell cycles

The communication between cells in symbiosis is seen in our own body.
Microbes exchange scrolls of information in the form of molecules.
Together the organs in our body process different simultaneous cycles.

Saskia Bosman - the pineal gland as pivot

Every molecule and hormone has a precise frequency and purpose.
All hormonal glands also operate as radio wave stabilisation centres.
Pivotal therein seems to be the pineal gland, as CPU for the system.
Natural psychic Saskia helped me see that Freedom of Choice operates there.

Roel van Wijk - our light body

Physics explains that atoms are neutrons with protons, and electrons.
That model then goes on to explain that electron jumps are co-ordinated by photons.
That means that photons maintain the integrity between atoms.
Roel measured how these light fields relate to consciousness and health.

Nassim Haramein - consciousness matters

I always experienced the quantum theory as illogical and annoying.
The Copenhagen convention turned understanding back(wards).
Particles are the nodded of crossing waves, I knew; not the inverse.
Then Nassim presented his talk on what he discovered, confirming my insight.

Bruce Lipton - incorporating life experience

Scientists make models, people write books, cells write DNA.
Bruce Lipton showed in detail what I knew about cell interaction.
Our whole body is based on 4 material phases, in interaction.
Bruce in his books confirmed that this is how cells record information.


And so, now all these holographic images have come together.
Together they form one whole integral image.
Most important: it is not about the description.
It is all about experience; living life, and integrating experience in our body.

All of these flash realisations helped compose the Science of Life.
Instead of summarising their work for you in a book, I asked them to each tell their own story.
Yes, there were others who helped my come to this understanding.
Yet i hope that you too can now come to this understanding.

The conclusion is simple and straightforward: life =/= dead matter.
Freedom of choice discerns life from dead matter.
Our body used dead matter as ‘instrument’ to gauge freedom of choice.
The essence is: we are not creatures, but creators; in creation.

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