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The previous Essays have demonstrated the limitations of Classical Science.
It regards Reality as-if an Object.
It ignores that scientific objects are linguistic objects only.
We need to realise that we create our reality by operating Freedom of Choice.

Freedom of Choice is identical with The Quintessence, of the Alchemists.
It is the Logical (‘Quantum’) Operator, by which we change Dimensional States.
Freedom of Choice operates with/in/within the transitions between dimensions.
This is a fundamental operation of/within Phase Space.

Every living being is able to operate Freedom of Choice.
Freedom of Choice discerns living beings from 'dead matter'.
Freedom of Choice IS the ability to change phase state.
Freedom of Choice is the operator to affect/achieve Transmutation.


The previous essay series show:

  1. that we have Freedom of Choice (it is NOT found in dead matter)
  2. where we find Freedom of Choice (IN the system interface; singularities)
  3. that we operate freedom of Choice (in the Consciousness Activation Cascade)

Here we address 4) HOW we (can) use Freedom of Choice

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