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Bones of Belief
- Idées Fixes as Belief

Everything we find in our body, we find in our mind also.
Any pathology we find in the body, we find in the mind also.
Bert Verveen explained that pathology is deranged (normal) body regulation.
All pathological states, are fixated fysiological functions.

This applies equally for disease states in complex organism.
This includes complex social organisations, such as cultures.
Hives, shoals, flock and herds operate as integral organic being.
Social derangement of such living systems are based on cellular miscommunication.

All cell communications are based on normal natural live cell dynamics.
All normal physiology has its equivalent in normal psychology and sociology.
All normal anatomy is the equivalent of persistent physiology; and exists in the mind also.
in this way we can correlate beliefs with the skeleton, muscles, organs and senses; or the bone with the periost, the tendons and muscle.

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