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The Bones of Belief - Reflex, Habit, Belief, Bones

Most of our actions are by habituation.
Most of our body is based on DNA replication.
All of our experience is based on creating Reflex.
We can see the parallel between bones and beliefs in reflex habituation.

Reflex is the fundamental instrument by which we operate in context.
We can choose to do something new only once.
After that, we have a memory which can work as template.
Once activated, the action is replayed from memory, by reflex.

  1. The first time you do anything new, it is YOUR choice.
  2. Second time, memory prompts if you wish to ' replay'.
  3. Third time, memory will auto-replay and re-act, unless you interrupt.
  4. From the Fourth time it is all by reflex: re-action by replay.

The creation of reflex (habituation) is one of our basic actions.
The creation of habit shifts involvement to the level of reflex.
Reflex activation is thus at a different level of realisation.
This is how levels of consciousness differ from each other.

    We operate 4 levels of consciousness; beta, alpha, delta and theta.
    They correspond with environment, body, organ and cells.
    They correlate with cell, organ, body and humanity-awareness.
    They relate to the pattern of sensor cell, neurone, plexus and brain.

The pattern is consistently the same.
It is the fundamental principle of boundary transition.
In it, by it, the part is integrated into the whole.
Crucial is that therein the Separator is also the Connector.

Changing the reflex involves changing the interface.
The experience of the interface is however programmed into the innerphase.
That means that the memory has been incorporated into the body.
To un-program a reflex, it is as if you must ‘do the impossible”; go against your beliefs.

This is why it is practical to compare reflexes and beliefs to bones.
Then it is possible to se that we operate our bones by muscles: ideas.
Also, that the rebuilding of the beliefs/bones is an ongoing process.
Most important is that we do NOT confuse what we do with what we are.

At the reflex level, what we ARE is based on what we DO (in the past).
Reflexes are programmed OUTSIDE of time.
That is why, where, we must discern the Body (bones) from the Mind (Beliefs).
The body is an 'object' in space; whereas the mind is a process in time.

The reprogramming of reflexes thus ALWAYS must take place at a different level.
It is not in the action, but in the interaction that the programming has taken place.
It is in the interaction of the interaction that the reprogramming takes place.
That is why reprogramming is never based on reality, but always based on realisation.

Many people, especially scientists, learn to ‘believe’ that Reality is objective, as if an object.
By that belief, scientists disregard that this reality is merely a realisation.
It is by their assumptions that they fix their beliefs, and realisation.
This understanding of our interaction with reality is commonly known as magic.

It is only when studying the origination of reality, that the process of realisation is seen.
The parallel between our beliefs and our bones makes that understanding explicit.
Especially that anatomy <= physiology <= regulation <= information is essential.
The basis lies in the realisation that all life operates, by operating Freedom of Choice.

It means that, within reality, we must look for the basis of realisation.
In our body we can see that the bones are produced by living cells.
It is not the structure of bones that matters; but the health of the cells.
The material for the production of bones is derived, by the cells, from our context.

We must not think of our body as an integral system ion itself.
Our body is a colony of living cells; symbiosis; living in context.
The individual cells all originate from the Zygote.
The zygote originates from our link with all life forms.

The dynamics of differentiation of cells, and life forms, is based on the same pattern.
It is the same dynamic as that of ingesting nutrients and integration of information.
The principle of incorporation of information was described by i.a. Bruce Lipton.
Here we regard how the principle is fundamental; and applies to the creation of Beliefs.

The patterning of the bones takes place in the body, as physical manifestation.
The patterning of beliefs takes place in the mind, as emotional sensation.
We thus can have direct feedback on the emergence and manifestation of beliefs.
We are much less consciously aware of the formation of the bones in our body.

In our mind, we discern notions, concepts, ideas and beliefs.
They are the equivalent of the stages of bone solidification.
We likewise experience its dynamic dual, the formation of reflex.
The stages therein are experience, anticipation, expectation and belief.

These are stages taking place in the domain of time; in process connection.
Therein the Hannappi Loops of internal, bounding, limiting and integrating processes are linked.
The reprogramming of reflexes thus never takes place in reality, but always as realisation.
Reprogramming reflexes thereby seems as-if in opposition with what is Real; because it reposes Reflex.

Many people are unaware that reality is a Reflex; a habit in realisation.
First step is to realise that we can understand the dynamics of bone formation in the body.
Based on the role of materials as carrier of/for information we can apply this to belief-formation.
This then can be used for the dynamics of belief-creation, by scientists in creating "science".

    Science is an extensive body of knowledge.
    In it, every scientists is a ' cell' contributing knowledge.
    Science is, in that sense, part of the knowledge of humanity (together with art, mysticism and communication).
    As a whole, however, science is therein merely part of the system of belief of humanity as human realisation.

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