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Health as Phase Array

Health as Phase Array
Connecting the Part to the Whole

Otto van Nieuwenhuijze

Draft text, to be completed upon request

Phasics is more basic than Physics: beyond the scope of mathematics, MetaThematics regards the relationships of coherence of reality. In terms of Dynamics of Phase.

Phase, Spin, Resonance, Array, Integration, Health

Spin, and the change in phase array, in connecting the part to the whole.

The following looks at science, as a basis for our understanding of Health. It integrates medicine, mathematics, physics and metaphysics. Because evidently, our body (made of matter) and mind (processing information) shares and integrates all of these disciplines/domains.
It bases itself on the abstract rather than the concrete, corresponding with the findings of science that matter is fundamentally void (as the shift from Classical to Relativistic through Quantum to Field theory implies). It means that matter is a form of organisation, rather than a structure. Thus it is a manifestation of Information, rather than substance in itself. It means our reality of based on metaphysics, rather than physics. We need to start from an understanding of this, in order to come to come to an understanding of the material reality.
Medicine too, then is to be based on metaphysics, rather than physics. With mathematics as the formulation of these most abstract aspects of physics, where “information science” is perhaps a better term to describe the role of the operations and manipulations of mathematics in our life. They express the way we perceive, and deal with, relationships in reality. And tend to cloak our realisation of reality itself.
The “realisation of reality” is essential to what we perceive, and what science describes. Much of which is an artefact, based on the mental processes, conditioned by codes of cultural consensus. We must look beyond the boundaries of our definitions of reality, to ‘see’ how our realisation affects our experience of reality itself.

The following applies the concept of Health and Disease to the most fundamental and encompassing level imaginable: that of reality itself. This leads to a notion that the boundary of reality if comparable to that of cells: it has many different states, ranging between defined, fluctuating, permeable and undefined (or open). Each of which represents a phase, affected by the processes taking place in realty itself.
Reality is thus regarded (and seen) as a processing process.

The notion of healing is encountered in a rather explicit sense: as the restoring of wholeness between events; due to which the relationships between processes are changed. And processes can become merged, or disjunct; die to which the processing in that space can be fundamentally changed. Not just locally, but also at much more encompassing scales.
This can be made explicit by looking at the role of the Border of Light as an interface by which processes/events are linked.
The nature and properties of the Barrier of light can thereby be considered in a new way: as planes of connection between isophasic events (Processes which are operating in the same phase; in the most general sense.)

The understanding of the properties of the Barrier of Light is made clear in terms of local events; and the way they can be perceived to be linked. The conventional representation for this (the De Sitter Light Cone) is compared to the traditional model of the atoms; showing conceptual similarities they share. Atoms and cells, bodies and realities as a whole are then expressible in quite similar terms. And their relationships understood in corresponding ways. By this, the knowledge of Atoms and Cells can be applied to heal bodies, and whole realities too.

At present it is not customary to speak of Realities; yet it is clear that Reality is not an object in a classical sense. It is not even a quantum relativistic event. Our best understanding of it is that of a unified field; of which we all share a perspective, making our realisations unique. Yet, they are still always shared. And our collective realisation of reality is but an aggregate reflection of that. Compare it to a body composed of cells.

The notion of realities, in a plural sense, is essential to allow for the realisation that realities change; and can be changed. As the concept Creation implies. Science has long omitted this aspect from its equations, because of the intense interactivity it implies, between reality and realisation. The result is a notion of reality, which we can best call Death. By reintroducing the notion of Realities, this Dead science can be brought back to life, by reinstating the role of Consciousness in the Realities we see. Making it possible to restore, repair, heal Realisations of Reality which do not work. And heal reality itself.

It involves an active interactive activity in living life; as we already (unconsciously) do. All that is needed is to realise the role of consciousness in our life. And the effect of the links between seemingly separate events. By realising that the separation is only seeming; and that in reality all events are always linked, be it in (sometimes) indirect ways. The indirectness is due to an orthogonalisation of phase. This means that in fact the link is very direct; we have just been (collectively) conditioned not to see this so.

For this reason the following addresses some aspects of orthogonalisation, and presents examples from ‘established science’ to show how this can be conceived. One of the examples used is that of the Atom (as a system of harmonic resonant vibrations). Another is that of the Light Cone, as generalised representation of an event. Interpreting the barrier of Light as the shared process by which events are linked. And ‘atoms’ and ‘objects’ likewise.

It paints the image of a reality composed of vibrations. in which matter is but a specific, stable, resonant pattern of reverberation of vibrations. Not just as local ‘strings’, but as webs of strings; tapestries of vibrations. The notion that matter is a consequence of vibrations makes more sense than the inverse; and gives the possibility to understand medicine as a form in mathematics. This can then again be applied in medicine, to show how diseases are patterns of disarray of the phases of vibrations of cells. Disease is then only a pattern of incoherence of the system dynamics, in which parts of the system operate at different processing speeds than parts in their environment. Due to which processing harmonics can emerge due to which the process sharing is lost, and diseases (and death) can take place.

Restoration of the dynamic processing integrity is simple, in principle. But it requires a model in which (seemingly separate) events can be conceived as linked. It is this notion which this text presents.

Meta-reality of materiality

    models of science as models for healing
    closed systems as parts of open systems
    Open System Theories: The God Equation
    metaphysics as basis for physics; mathematics as basis for medicine

The (meta)physics of changes of reality

    Reality as Realisation
    The body as dynamic interfacer
    Inner-phasing as principle of creation
    Creation as rearrangement of arrays of reality realisation

linking closed systems to the Open System

    Closed System as artefacts: conditioned models
    Conditioning in cultural collective consensus
    Nature as basis for culture
    The pervasiveness of the Open System

atomic model changes for electrons <-> photons <-> gravitons

    Atoms as units: electrons
    Atoms as loci: photons
    Atoms as events: gravitons
    Atoms as consciousness: …?

Changes of reference systems; particular <-> non-particular


The God Equation

    Equating as Balancing Art
    Equating in 4D: Interfacing equations
    Equations as Forms of Consciousness
    Reality as Equating process

bringing consciousness into science

    Local reference systems
    Linked Reference Systems
    Transforming between Reference Systems
    Grouped Reference Systems

multiple reference systems

    Space, Time, Energy, Consciousness -model based
    Particle = Wave = Interference Pattern = Phase Array
    object = process = interaction = continuum
    physics = chemistry = electromagnetism = metaphysics

The Boundary of Light; as the link between shared events

    The vertex point as Compression site in the Light Cone
    The compression site as conversion node in the light cone
    The conversion node as point of co-incidence
    The point, plane, line, volume of co-incidence (The God Equation 2)

Healing, as a means of making events shareable

    The De Sitter Conic as model of phase attuning processes
    The criticality condition
    SuperCritical state: open system mode
    Single Waves becoming Group wave

the Light Cone as model for linking processes

    4D Time
    Process Co-incidencing
    Con-fusing processes; merging phase transition nodes
    Embedding of single waves in Wave Arrays

Top view of the light cone: atoms as systems of vibrations

    De Broglie Harmonics
    Moiré Harmonics
    linking modes of Vibrations
    Phase Arrays (‘Super String Fields’)

Changing array phases

    phase linking in arrays
    phase changes
    rearrangement of arrays
    Arrays as resonance of Phase

Breaking through the Barrier of Light

    Raising the Frequency
    Frequency Diffractal Cascades.
    Shapes of Phase coherence
    The Edge of Effect: the realisation of Zero Radius of response

Crashing into the Barrier of Light

    Crashing with a still thudd: the misconception of Infinite Mass
    Incompatibility between Karma and Dharma
    Black Holes as planes, lines, points of singularity.
    incoherent incompatibilities in the border of light

(Light) Boundary Decay

    blind spots and Black holes
    Losing sight of the Border of Light
    The invisible gates of Paradise
    Using Ladar (Light-radar) as means to detect the gates of Paradise

the misconception of the boundary of light as Black hole

the image of Hell
Hell as closed system
Hell as part of the open system
Opening the gates of Hell

Health, Illness, Disease, Death

Attunement processes in Cells
Cells as information Processors
Life as information processing
Energy Loss and gain in Spirit

Time Anomalies

Diseases as anomalies in Time
Time anomalies as harmonics
The function of Time Spectra
Healing warped time spectres

Time Reverberations

Processes as Local Events
Processes as Linked Events
Atoms as model for local Processes
The De Sitter conic as model for process sharing

Healing Reality/Realisations

Pathology as miscomputation of process convergence
Health as stable attunement of the local and group process
Healing as sharing as reference
Healing as restoration of the Boundary of light

Attuning realisation and Reality

Life as Expression
Life as Expectation
Life as Exchange
Life as experience



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