Draft - Beyond Classical Control Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

The Science of Life is practical and subjective.
It is what we live, encompassing all we experience.
It encompasses all we can experience also.
It deals with our being part of (the uniVerse as) a whole.

It is not a description of what can be seen and described around you.
Science of Life is an experience of what it is, being you.
The Proof of Subjective science is in personal Realisation; not in consensus of other people.
This is to be understood in a very personal manner: YOU know what it is about, in all you do.

This puts the Science of Life in a quite different category of knowledge: experiential knowing.
This also puts Science of Life in a different type of description: beyond description.
And it gives Science of Life Research different tools: there is none better than your body.
And the findings of the Science of Life are uniVersally valid: it applies to you, all life forms, all of Earth; and beyond.

Science of Life has direct meaning for you, all people you meet, all beings you live with, and all that exists.
Science of Life changes the perspective of our contemporary concept of knowledge: it is all about you.
It is all about you being part of all people, all life forms, of Earth, and of the creation of the uniVerse.
For that reason it matters to share all findings with each other, all life forms, to benefit Earth and all that exists.

Science of life is not objective, not descriptive, not provable, and not Real (in the classical sense):
Science of life is about Realisation, Freedom of Choice, Experience, and thus always Subjective.
We all are unique, and have personal Freedom of Choice; in that we are all the same.
In understanding how we share - and use - this personal uniqueness, we add our quality to Creation.

Creation is not a noun but a Verb. Humans are nor Creatures but Creators.
Much of what we know now as "(Classical') Science is an expression of Dogma.
Classical Science explored the model of control, conditioned collective consensus.
Classical Science, the Roman Church, the Roman Empire (and the current Trade Empire) are part of the same political system.

Classical Science emerged in the wake of a theology of a theocracy which regarded people as its 'flock'.
Classical Science - with its bias of Control, Repetition, Prediction and Invariance, is part of the mind set of Slavery.
Science of Life is about the use of freedom of choice (creation) in the context of the uniVerse, as space for creating.
Response-Ability is a crucial concept: will what you create enhance what is in existence?

Science of Life uses very different technology than Classical Science.
Science of Life uses Consciousness as its basic tool, instead of matter.
Science of Life has its focus on the quality of being, not the quantities of having.
Science of Life deals directly with Realisation, not with 'reality'.

Science of Life is Complementary to Classical Science.
Everything now known in Classical Science, can be used in the Science of Life.
Everything simply needs to be interpreted in inverse.
One of the basics of Science of Life is to describe how to do this:

    Matter can be interpreted as
    one of the forms of Coherence
    - in larger perspective: as Co-ordination -
    and thus as manifestation of Consciousness.

    Objectivity can be seen to be
    one of the forms of Agreement
    - in the specific form of conditional/conditioned Consensus -
    and thus a manifestation of Communication.

    Proof can be understood as
    one of the forms of Evidence
    - as experienced by our Interaction -
    and thus expression of our Realisation

    Reality can be known to be
    one of the forms of Understanding
    - by our bias in Involvement -
    and thus effect of use of Freedom of Choice.

The process of inversion 'turns reality inside out' into a realisation.
It requires exchanging left and right (taking in versus expressing).
It requires inverting back and front (past and future)
It requires exchanging up and down (abstract and concrete).

    Classical Science assumed that Matter is Inert.
    It since has shown that matter = molecules = atoms = coherence of phase
    This means that matter is a form of consciousness.
    It means that reality is a realisation.

    Classical Science postulated an Outsider Observer.
    It has since shown that observing = participation = interaction = creation.
    That means that the observer is not an outsider but an insider.
    It means that the observer is a creator.

    Classical Science states that it produces Facts
    It has since shown that Fact = interpretation = Artefact = Bias
    That means that experience is conditioned by (cultural) context.
    It means that truth is a belief.

    Classical Science defined its findings as Objective.
    It has since shown that Objective = Consensus = Conditional = Subjective.
    That means that consensus is conditioned (politics)
    It means that objectivity is subjective.

Science of Life simply realises that this is the case.
Classical Science as a whole is a creation of what we belief.
This means that Classical Science, as a whole, shows how we function.
That is how Classical Science is an inverted image of our own being; in part.

It means that everything you do and experience adds to our understanding of Life.
All disagreements with others exemplifies the interest of personal perspective.
Differences in experience add to the variety in collective knowledge.
All that is needed is to relate experience to level of consciousness and manifestation.

This is the essence of the Science of Life.
It proposes a reference system by which we can integrate all our subjective findings.
It is based on the realisation that we are all different and thereby in basis the same.
All humans are like cells in the body (of consciousness) of Humanity; part of a large being.

We are at the same time unique, relating, group members, and part of the whole.
We are at the same time mineral (material), plant (process), animal (interacting) and human (integrating).
We are at the same time observer, reactor, inter-actor and creator.
We are at the same time (y)ou(r)self, human, life form, and cosmic being.

Science of Life, Art, Politics and Religion are all the same.
Like the four fundamental forces of physics, they show differences in involvement.
In relating the different modes of involvement to different degrees of consciousness of different scopes of being, all is experiences in integration.
Science of Life shows how this experience is seen in the structural organisation of our body, our species, all earth life forms, and are universal.

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