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Biosystems as macroscopic quantum systems

Matti Pitkänen

Postal address: Department of Physical Sciences, High Energy Physics Division, PL 64, FIN-00014, University of Helsinki, Finland.
Home address: Puutarhurinkatu 9, 10960, Hanko, Finland
E-mail: matpitka @ luukku . com
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In this article the still developing TGD based view about biosystems as macrosystems is summarized. The notion of manysheeted space-time together with the notion of topological field quantization allows to understand biosystems as macroscopic quantum systems. Non-atomic space-time sheets can have extremely low temperatures and are thus excellent candidates for the seats of various macroscopic quantum phases. Especially important macroscopic quantum phases are various ionic superconductors at the flux tubes of Earth's magnetic field having thickness of order cell size. The so called massless extremals (MEs) are TGD counterparts of light rays. MEs are ideal for both classical and quantum communication purposes, MEs give rise to quantum holograms, the lightlike vacuum currents accompanying MEs generate coherent photons; MEs act also as templates for Bose-Einstein condensates of photons and for coloured configuration space photons predicted by TGD. Also Z^0 MEs are possible and might be a crucial element of bioconrol (the synchronous firing of neurons might be induced by Z^0 ME acting as a pacemaker).

Life can be understood as a symbiosis of the hierarchy of MEs, superconducting magnetic flux tube structures and of the ordinary biomatter. MEs are at the highest level of the control hierarchy and control superconductors by inducing super currents and magnetic quantum phase transitions and by acting as Josephson junctions. The superconducting flux tube structures in turn control ordinary biomatter via ionic flow equilibrium. Magnetic quantum phase transitions allow place coding by a varying cyclotron frequency (flux tube thickness) and the models for sensory representations, long term memory, frequency imprinting and electromagnetic aspects of DNA rely on the hierarchy of magnetic laser mirrors consisting of MEs parallel to magnetic flux tubes. Space-time sheets containing liquid crystal water provide representations for rotational, conformational and vibrational aspects of biomolecules and amplify the em fields associated magnetic mirrors providing similar representations for biomolecules. Magnetic mirrors mediate a resonant interaction between molecules having similar transition frequencies. This makes possible electromagnetic recognition mechanism which could be crucial in DNA replication, transcription of RNA into proteins and for the functioning of the immune system.


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