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War of belief is a mistake; a misconception.
It is based on disrespect: a denial of Freedom of Choice of others.
These wars are never about idea(l)s; they are about enslavement.
They are a disease, in humanity, of individual disrespect for Freedom of Choice in humans

Science is instrument in a war on belief.
Beliefs are ‘patches’ over our Blind Spots.
Religions operate ‘god’ to operate Belief.
Churches operate beliefs to manipulate people.

Over the ages wars have been fought over belief only.
Every belief can be traced back to a Psycho-Logic.
Every belief can be manipulated by Socio-Logic.
Most often beliefs are operated via ‘holy books’.

Such books serves as rule book imposed on others.
The rules are given seemingly super-human heritage, ‘from god’.
‘G.o.d.’ however is an abstract term for our interfacing function.
In old philosophies the gods are equivalent to organ functions.

We digest information in the same way we digest matter.
Our organs, together, form a Möbius Loop linking inside and outside.
All organs together maintain the internal metabolic/information circulation.
Without that information circulation, the body decays.

The previous essays explained how bones, reflexes, belief and reality are equivalent.
Each is a bio-mental concept/construct of realisation.
The end result, Reality, can be compared to a step on a journey.
It is transient always, and not a measure for the overall process/product of creation.

By looking at material manifestation, science ‘puts the focus on the bones’.
We have seen the same in Western Medical developmental history.
It started with the study of 1) bones (skeletons), then 2) cadavers, then 3) organs, then 4) the senses.
This led to, respectively, 1) anatomy, 2) physiology, 3) neurocrinology and finally 4) psychology/spirituality.

We saw the same in the developmental evolution of science.
’It’ studied 1) matter to find 2) molecules, then 3) atoms and now 4) informatics.
It was called, respectively, 1) classical, 2) relativistic, 3) probabilistic and 4) creation theory.
It is that creation theory which is described in the “Science of Life”.

In studying this, we looked at the Fun’daMentals, MetaThematics, Bones of Belief and Realisation.
Realisation is the essence of this whole project: our participation in creation.
In the Bones of Belief we described how information are linked as ideas and body.
What we find, therein, within each human, we also find to be operating between all humans.

That is where/why we can say that every human is a cell in the body of humanity.
Humanity as a whole is an integral organism, with its own unique consciousness.
The “Out-of-Conscious” in a human, is the consciousness of humanity.
That is why we can equate Reality (in humanity) with a Belief (in a human).

    Over the ages we can see how beliefs swept over the planet.
    Compare the Earth to a head, then humanity forms the ‘brain’.
    The changes of cultures are the changes of beliefs in humanity.
    The change of belief of a culture is a change of belief of humanity.

    We see how the fights between jews, christians and muslims are fictitious.
    All these tribes share the same belief (=blind-spot-patch), called god.
    As religions, all are very aware that they refer to the same ‘god’.
    As church systems, they all refer to, and impose, different conduct.

The cultural wars are never about religions, but about churches.
They are not about what people individually choose to believe.
They are about the imposition of belief on (all) other people.
It is part of an animal trait: hunting in packs; parasitical behaviour.

    Underlying muslim/christian/jewish tradition is the luciferian creed.
    Therein it is clear that the ‘gods’ that are mentioned have been described.
    Then it is seen that, and how, these goods are reminiscences of an older era.
    Therein specific people, and tribes, fought wars over gold.

    These stories are slowly, sparingly, being rediscovered.
    Humanity is approaching a critical mass.
    Therein humans can, individually, develop critical thinking.
    As a result many ideas are developed, and integrated into new understanding.

We live in a time of a waking up of the consciousness of humanity.
This is equivalent with the immersion in the out-of-consciousness of humans.
The drug craze is part of that delving into own deeper realisation.
As is the rediscovery of (much) older history than presented by religion.

Humans experience the consciousness of humanity below their unconscious awareness.
In order to be able to be aware of that, they must change consciousness states.
By learning to change to altered states of consciousness (i.a. via drugs) that can be attained.
The same is the aim, and result, of the traditional techniques for meditation.

By shifting mental state, the mental functions also change.
This changes the potential of the mind, and (therewith) of the body.
This is known (passively) as psychosomatics, or the ‘effects of stress’.
When used actively, this is called Mysticism or Magic.

All cultures in their own manner discovered that reality is a realisation.
All religions are aware that we can all learn to create with/from each other.
All churches added prohibitions (mainly for the control of people).
Therein people control was consistently for manipulation, for taxation.

All mayor wars were always fought for financial/monetary gains.
The only ones who profit from wars are, always, the bankers.
This is why it is necessary to understand that reality is but a realisation.
And, also, that EVERY human is a Creator in Creation.

    A Creator in Creation: a creator in the making.
    A Creator in Creation: a creator in the universe.
    A Creator in Creation: The universe is in ongoing creation.
    A Creator in Creation: Freedom of Choice is what we learn and develop.

Every culture is a manifestation of a development of Freedom of choice.
In relationships, the effect of choices are at a subconscious level.
In groups, the effects of (y)our choices are sensed at unconscious level.
In Humanity, the effect of choice is realised at out-of-conscious level.

Out of conscious”, is equivalent to the cellular level.
Unconscious”, operates at the organ awareness level.
Subconscious” is experienced at the bod(il)y level.
Conscious” is our experience as/of the/an environment.

In our body we see that our environment is sensed on/in our body.
We have no direct experience of what happens around us.
It is literally ‘beyond us’, “out of conscious” experience.
What we experience is always our internal realisation; of freedom of choice.

The Essays on Magic (principle/Practice) and Math (Myth/g.o.d.) describe this.
Bu changing our choice, we change our beliefs (thus our reflex) actions), thence or body/bones.
What we operate within us, we experience, in inverse, between us.
The inversal is due to the transition across our system boundary; our skin.

In our life we learn to be creators.
We experience ‘both sides of the story’: human and humanity.
We experience both reality and realisation (result and creation).
We always experience freedom of choice, in/AND our body.

That is how we can see that the changes of cultures reflect us.
When we are not attentive; material/invariant principles ‘rule’.
The principles of invariance/ignorance determine the outcome.
As soon as we come aware of this, we stop our reflexes and change reality.

We always do that individually.
When we communicate (as cells always do) the change can be local also.
When we maintain the communication, as organs do, general changes will arise.
When we are focused and directed on the outcome, and act on that, we create the result.

Creation is active response-able participation in creation.
We all, each, operate it by using Freedom of Choice.
We all have the choice if/how we use Freedom of Choice.
The way in which we use choice determines our realisation.

Hell” is denial of Freedom of Choice (by self (by others)).
Purgatory” is flawed (sometimes backfiring) use of Freedom of Choice.
Paradise” is intentional healing use of Freedom of Choice.
Heaven” is the full scope/ability of use of Freedom of Choice.

Ideally, each human discover that/how this operates within themselves.
Our body is based on these principles, thus helps us learn to use them.
When societies deny this inner learning people condition dependence on others.
That is the primary reason why humanity is presently destructive for/on Earth.

Humanity has become ‘stuck in puberty’.
Humans, on the whole, behave as adolescents.
Humanity-consciousness is still in embryonic development.
Once foetal body/awareness has formed humans/humanity will be conscious.

That will happen as soon as humans realise that they form humanity.
At that moment they are aware that humanity (as abstraction) does not exist.
Likewise they will see that other abstractions (government, church, law, money, ..) do not exist.
They cannot exist because they are immaterial in creation: they have no soul (= choice).

For that reason it does not matter what church people believe in.
For the same reason it does not matter what religion people use.
Because the churches have no soul, and are thus immaterial, meaningless.
And the religions are all in essence the same: liberating the individual’s soul.

Earth is a Do It Yourself (Together) training ground for choice creation.
When the Moors ruled Europe, the people explored their brand of being.
When the Christians ruled the world, people explored that brand of idea.
When the Jews wrote the bible, they defined their brand of thinking.

Religions/churches/cultures/Realities are merely large scale beliefs.
As beliefs, they operate by the same principles as do all reflexes.
As reflexes, they are formed by the same body dynamics as bones.
As bones, reflexes and beliefs, reality relies on, responds to, our choices.

Response-Ability, Respect, Freedom of Choice and Creation are interrelated.
People will create wars, when they do not realise their underlying sameness.
People will kill each other, when they believe that life matters (as if matter).
People will be free to be-and-create if they are aware that Choice only matters.

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