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Within our body we experience that beliefs can be very specific localised constructs.
Stress creates very targeted domains/areas/locations of process circulation stagnation.
These cause specific regions of process segregation/isolation, called “disease”.
Cancer is example of this; a localised area if cell function regression for stress-survival.

In order to understand stagnation-localisation it is necessary to see 4D organisation of Phase.
Therein Space is a standing wave; a Soliton of phase organisation.
Time is a stable process continuation; a Travelling wave.
Energy is a shock wave, which is also a wave node in wave (de)concatenation.

Body integrity can thus be described in terms specific wave organisation.
This is based on the internal organisation of Phase space (‘the Dirac ocean’).
We need to seen how phase is organised by shock waves into flows and forms.
For this, a special section/series of essays is created MatheMusics or MuseMathics.

    There, the spatial organisation of waves is explored.
    It not only serves to understand stress/blockage in the body.
    It likewise serves to understand the creation/construction of Reflexes and Beliefs.
    With the underlying understanding that Reality = Belief = Reflex = ‘Bone’

is the mind-landscape,
carved by rivers of Beliefs
Formed by our flows of Thoughts.

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