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Conversation Notes; rough concepts

How the idea of MatheMusics emerged: imaging mathematical functions.
Making the invisible visible: looking at sound, instead of light, electromagnetism and physics.
It is all physics: every boundary is a filter, for phase rotation.
The body as soap bubble foam: lots of membranes How the body originates: te zygote, divisions.

The insight of Bert Verveen: cycles upon cycles.
The insight of Hans Selye: lemniscates interconnected.
Music, harmonics and orchestras.
The organs as instrument in the orchestra.

The organs as gods of the Olympus.
The organs as a lemniscate.
Moebius loop music
wave, vibrations, harmonics; interference patterns.

Solitons, nesting, embedding and concatenation
Wave nodes, freedom of choice, singularities (blind spots) and Hell.
Sensor cells, neurones, neural plexus, brain

: symphony vs passing clouds vs chimney stack vs air flow
overtone singing, switching between ground note and overtone.
Music, astrology, planet=organs, soul

Pain - Body
Fear - Mind
Depression - Soul
Death – Spirit

interview/lezing voorlegt wat voor jou SomaVox vertegenwoordigt?
In principe is het exact hetzelfde als MatheMusics...

: Conscious



Viscious cycle


soma - body - Greek
vox - voice - Latin

Body consciousness is my starting point; all people have a body

Physical - conscious
mental - unconscious
soul - unconscious
spirit - out of conscious

In music we start with tones; the fundamental; of course

This implies the law of octaves; overtones and sub-harmonics.
When you sing and squeeze your nose, the overtones change.
Pythagoras tried these music laws on his monochord,
That is how Pythagoras calculated in Egypt  the orbits of the  planets 2600 years ago. Copycat by Kepler.

At the subconscious level we deal with the harmonics, rather than the notes.
A mother singing to her baby unconsciously uses that subconscious connection.
And becomes  a very charismatic leader for the baby.
Babies still live in unconsciousness; and 'conscious' (talking) sounds confuse them.

Vowels rather than consonants, for unsoncsius (felt) rather than consonant (directed) sounds.

Every body is a unique musical instrument.
Resonating, massaging, tapping the body evokes un/subconscious sounds.
Singers and politicians want to use these deep body-connected sounds.
This connects to the body/organs/cells; Martin Luther King speaks at such charismatic level.

In the unconcious, (mental and physical) we deal with the reflexes.
In voice we use the left/right brain - depending on talking/siching speach qualities.
In connecting both brains, our information proocesses speeds up 1600x.
Whole brain friendly learning It is a bit'hypnotic'; and can induce drowsiness/sleepiness.

Because of the open mind the para sympathic nerve system effect brings us wih loads of Gaba and Serotonin even oxytocine is produced , because we escape the narrow mindedness of the Fear based over triggert andrenalin sympathic nerve learning everyday voodoo pedagogic . that will burn us out. ( to summarize this in short)

Information communication is 7% in the words; 93% in the tone of the speach.
Our body responds to this directly, in changing neurocrine production/release.
This is specified in the specific glandular systems, known as the chackras.
It depends on the health of the listener, if they can take that in at all levels.

For most people they have internal blockages; hindering integral receptivity.
As a result they cannot take in vibrations where they are suck/hur'.
They will deny the corresponding information.
At that level they can also not communicate well to others.

People with more education tend to loose connection to their body.
People lacking sufficient education have difficulty connecting to their soul.
In SomaVox the aim is to restore/establish the integral connection.
In which we can consider the whole body as a symphonic orchestra.

When that integrity/integration is reached, health is improved.
The overtones become connected; the sound becomes 'fuller'.
As the law of the octave relation starts to gain your total harmony.

It always works on all layers; often starting from the physical.
Then extending to 'how we connect to others; or they to us'.

There in there is a mirroring; mind mirroring body.
The levels of consciousness mirroring each other.
Most transport is at the subconscious level.
With the extasy  and the cramps at either side of that spectrum.

Pleasure and pain are connected extremes.
Both shift consciousness, in a different manner.
Pleasure identifies with self and growth.
Pain with boundaries and limitations.

Some people are out of balance: they seek pain.
Some people seek pleasure; and are out of balance.
In healthy life both are part of our experience.
Which is more evident  when working with/in groups.

We can experience in chanting; linking tones and overtones.
These are the 4 layers of SomaVox.
You can enter via any tone/vowel/consonant.
From then on you can then fond next steps/tones/consciousness/sensation.

Musics is aesthetics.
Mathemusics describes the aesthetics of life.
That goes beyond what we ordinarily describe.
MatheMusics will help to describe what otherwise cannot be described.

Language has many limitations.
We need to realise that it is a handle to our experience
Singing is right brain and opens up the whole brain
What we seek is a formulation of/for our sensations.

There are 'laws' at his level; but they are dynamic.

Therein everybody is unique.
Every language also has different characteristics.
Thus the use of consciousness differs also.
Much research has been done on this; over man ages.

For example: Ibram Karim, from Egypt, explicitl shows this.
There are form/shape archetypes; which are dynamic.
They are signatures for the way our body, and biology, functions.
Therein body motions and organs and singing notes are linked.

We experience living music.
In our body the shapes are 'frozen' sound shapes.
Technically that make the shapes wave guides.
In old Egypt this information was known already.

Pythagoras came from Egypt; Alexandria.
That is how this information came to Greece.
Goethe taught us that architecture was frozen music,
We still use this; even though the Nazi's tried to change that.
Indeed, politics tries to affect consciousness via music.

Life however is very playful.
Intent plus voice can achieve little miracles.
You can heal, and hurt, your body by chant.
I see how it works in time, less how it works in space.

Conscious -body
subconscious - mind
unconscious - soul
out of conscious - spirit

Evrey tone is an angle/angel/connector/link.
That means that every note is a pivot.
And musical compositions tapestries of steppings stones.
Angels connect; devils disconnect.

Life is the art of creating coherent connections.
Music helps see how this works; and how we can work with this
Hendrik Kooij: recallibrate the tissue
practical; is at physical or at soul level

Somavox is an interaction between therapist and client.
It starts with a customary intake; to know who is who.
Then i establish a base calibration: connecting to earth via sound.
That the serves as a foundation; from which we can then develop.

Our body is a musical resonator; the shape is very important.
The shape is defined by sheaths, fascia; layering the body.
The touching of the fascia is combined with chanting.
That in it selves serves as a very practical diagnostic.

Many people do not walk enough; the body will show that.
Motion will help them relax; restoring gaba/serotonin/oxytosin hormone levels.
That restores the parasympathetic nervous system; for which we also need sleep.
We need to be able to switch of the sympathetic activating body system.

When people are too worn out this cannot be easily done; it can trigger burn-out.
In case of depression, or sore necks, this is a required intermediate step.
It is important to realise that the body is fine; but has been abused.
It is about breaking the mental vicious circle, and rely on bodily feelings and belief/identification process.

There are genetic effects, which become more evident at thee soul level.
Usually i work with 6 hours of physical body reintegration; lowering their voice.
Often people find that they automatically sound fundamentally convincing.
It can lead to people getting direct extensive business offers/propositions.

The next level is that of deeper consciousness; the subconscious bodily processing.
It connects every day life awareness with the organic integral functioning.
Sound Diagnostic at that level will indicate dis-balance at that level; which is also mental.
Here it has more to do with art, expression, environment, and others. So your Somavox Voice awareness is raised

Here we focus on how they form sound, and how the respond to sound.
It pertains to the self; which evidently also related to the ego (the reflex/shielded self).
Work at this level automatically resolves/dissolves the selfish/reflex/ego activities.
People become more sensitive, to themselves first, then also to others.

They then see what they create; what they express by how they express it, as they express it.
This can be a difficult therapeutic phase; of dissolving dysfunctional reflexes.
Yet it is how it works: a dysfunctional reflex must be activated to be changed.
There is a lot of learning involved with this; and learning to go beyond self-limitations/resistance.

Then a new phase and level of reached: realisation of participation in creation
This operates at the unconscious soul level; where healing can take place.
With a change from disruptive/controlling/communicative/healing speach.
This makes people automaticly innate presenters  to grous of people.

This is where cultural differences can be seen.
In the U$A this soul level is not realised in this manner.
In Europe it is more easily realised and achieved.
With the ability to connect the differences between choices and people.

This activates the viewing of different perspectives: often seen in dreams.
hen information is perceived in a larger perspective.
That includes integrating past and future in the present.
But also in connecting left brain and right brain (suggestopedia).

This is part of the standard Bulgarian Speed Learning method.
This combined learning with music: SuperLearning.
I was much involved in this; and did much research.
It involved studying client response, for very many people.

In 72 hours people can learn much, by opening their unconscious.
It is a simple trancendend technique, but required that the teacher's voice is open.
I was able to teach the teachers in that system how to use SomaVox training.
But it also implied that as a result they would experience mental and spiritual growth.

Including a very vived and sharp memory  as a side product of this technic

It connects to how information comes to you.
Pupils had to resolve their learning problems.
That is at the subconscious/reflex levels.
And pertains to the hormone/chackra/meridian/cellcommunication system.

That is when i discovered that the meridians are strings.
And the holy grail is the neck i n the body
Often it is shown as the visual paradox: "2 faces, or 1 vase...".
In which the meridians are the strings of the body as 'Sitar'.

It helps people see how they can pull their own strings, not those of others.
This is also important for therapists and professionals.
It is about being able to resonate with others.
And to experience/express your soul; with others.

So clean your sticky strings and do your things instead getting emotionally
Attacked by your own sticky string.

In Dutch, a psychiatrist is a soul doctor.
In that sense i consider myself a soul song specialist.
It is in fact a very precise experiential science.
In which the sounds you make and the neurocrine activities are linked.

There is ample research, but must of it is hidden.
By restoring your endocrine integrity, much is changed.
It reconnects body parts which became seemingly separate.
Due to denial and disassociating by fear by fear by fear.(neuroses)
It restores the integrity of the soul.

There is a relationship to the hormones, sound, vibrations and dna.
DNA is a 2 meter string molecule, thus a resonator to sound.
Via vibrations, sounds, DNA can be switch on and off.
Not directly, but via the harmonics, and their harmonics.

We all have innate intuitive knowledge of this.
It works better when we feel, and do not think.
Understanding is an impediment in doing it.
Understand helps enhance how we can do it...

You must know what you do; and be cautious.
It is playful; and also risky.
know what makes it go wrong/right.
you are responsible creator always.

This greatly improves self esteem.
It resolves diseases.
It restores social integrity.
People become response-able beings.

in a matter of days, or weeks fundamental changes are possible.
beginners, advanced and professioal trainings were given.
That is how somavox works, and can be used.
With the may effects it can offer.

it brings the song-lines back into the life of people.
We are formed/shaped from song-line music.
In singing we shape the song by which we create ourselves.
In doing so, we sing the song of our life; as a creation.

I experienced that couples become harmonic.
They can attune to each other.
And thereby create new life.
Literally: in ... becoming pregnant.

At the spirit level; we are the universe in inverse; quite literally.
We have a lack of language to be able to describe it.
It it religion, mysticism, music or mathematics?
In fact: all are attempts to describe what we cannot describe directly.

Schooling conditions people to think in terms of identity.
We are however not just individual humans.
We are also humans with/in humanity.
That larger-than-self, ' godly' experience is called the spirit level.

Many people learn to live in limitations.
As a result people often focus on problems instead of on the solutions.
The limited self-realisation is known as the ego.
Music helps to think/sense in a more encompassing manner.

Many people experience this in a concert hall.
They feel all kinds of emotions, in response to music.
In a way we can translate between music and emotions.
As a result, we can use music to understand ... beyond our understanding.

It is important to go beyond words.
It is more important to connect to experience.
But it is important to resolve dysfunctional reflexes between them.
Music helps by offering a 'language beyond language'.

In my sessions we use sound to resonate the body.
Therein a transition is made from doing to being.
It is an opening of the now to a larger scope.
Create more presence in your life.
That is how we can understand the spirit as the full scope of our soul (mind, body).

It is an expansion of feeling, more encompassing, more integrated.
In music it is as the harmony of higher/lower harmonics, at many levels.
in our life it is the expansion of consciousness of the soul.
In our body it calls for a coherent breath, in singing.

I always pay attention to how people breathe.
Stanislav Grof used only breathing, to restore neurotransmitters release.
With singing the power of this can even be enhanced.
Holotropic breath PLUS singing, works much better.

Doctor Bastiaans Center 45  used LSD to resolve WOII Concentration Camp Syndroon now called PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder.
I found that music can dissolve psychological blocks by the use of music.
We used it in a generalised sense in the Dreamtime Healing Concerts.
Again: the use of sound, for deep relaxation of the body/being.

I learned from Shamans that they can do in 45 seconds what i did in 3 hours.
The method is the same: chanting and vibration; at a different level.
The shaman uses a sledge hammer; i used a hammer and chisel.
I prefer the more personalised/specialised approaches.

That is part of he relationship between soul and spirit.
Soul operates at the level of uniqueness in the body.
Spirit operates as universal principle beyond the body.
It is always about getting the two optimally (re)connected.

It requires that the therapist operates at both levels, simultaneously.
The soul interplays with the musical notes of the universe, and of the body.
In the interaction between people, it involves more than one body.
What is needed, is to include the environmental universal field of vibrations.

I had to learn how to see this, and work with this.
The spirit realm encompasses 'everything else'.
As soon as you see that, you see you deal with everything.
It requires a different way of functioning; when everything is interconnected...

You grow into it; compare it to growing up.
It  is a change from identity to god-awareness.
That is the level in which everything is connected.
And everything that you do has effect; at all levels.

As in music, where all sounds are interconnected.
And every sound changes the relationships.
Every change will make everything more, or less, harmonic.
As it is traditionally said: if you work with more light, you also cast stronger shadows.

Mystical and mythical traditions described this.
Physics nowadays tries to describe this.
The subatomic and universe are directly connected.
The subconscious soul and out-of-conscious spirit are inversely-connected (dual).

Reich (Orgone) Karim (bio-geometry) and others also described it.
Many people provide insights and understanding to work with this.
A different way to describe this is needed: as mathemusics points out.
That is what we will explore farther and further in this series.

[Sherry Edwards, nano voice profiling, recording voice characteristics.


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