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How do the Planck Triangles
form Tetrahedra?

  • Tetryonics 05.08 - geometric mass-ENERGY-Matter topologies.jpg

Triangles are shapes. just as is the tetrahedron.
The triangles is 2D; the tetrahedra are 3D
The triangles represent forces; the Tetrahedra represent Matter.
In Tetryonics, the triangles and tetrahedra are electromagnetic...

Tetryonics explains how matter is formed; and how we can understand it in the uniVerse.
I will explain in the way that i was able to understand it, step by step.
It started with the assumption that the triangle is a form of energy; a planck unit.
With an equilateral energy field with a charge polarity; and a magnetic polarity.

In the QM book, 05.08 shows how energy works at the planck level.
In a time base, 1 second, energy/second, energy/c**2: that is ... mass.
A triangle in a circle is mass; without a circle it is energy.
It is always flat: 2D, as shown on a sheet of paper; 'radiant energy'.

Radiant mass energy geometries spread out in a plane.
Each triangle is a 1 Planck energy quantum.
Per second, it is inertial; which we call "mass".
energy/second, is mass; planck constant thus has, mass, energy and momentum.

The triangle brings all of that together in one symbol.
Later i realised that all fields have electric and magnetic components.
One side of the triangle is +, the other side is -.
And along the base, there is a N-S polar basis.

It is normally called a magnetic vector (from South to North).
In Tetryonics it moves along the central axis, sideways.
That induces the associated + and - electrical charges.
Thereby each side of the triangle is oppositely charged.

Triangles can be 'folded' together to form a tetrahedron; as the Greeks knew.
Print out the templates, and play with the cut-outs; you can fold them.
Then you can see that you can form 3D spaces, Standing Waves"; Topologies.
Therein the radiant mass energies, are oriented by 'the pink arrows'.

Radiating energy therein connects up: electric and magnetic 'looping back' into each other.
The Radiant Energy (at the speed of light) now has become a loop; a continuity.
That means that the cycle feeds back into itself: magnetic-electric 'laser-like' feedback.
The tertrahedron is a 4.pi topology; often understood to be a sphere; of mass energy.

  • Tetryonics 03.06 - Elementary & quantum Charges.jpg

We now see what a 4.pi particle actually is: by magnetism, charge and energy.
It is no longer an 'assumption', as is seen in traditional physics/mathematics.
We can now actually see that mass=/=matter; and how important charge is.
The charge is the 'scaffolding' for matter; the keystone for materialisation.

The universe is a construct of charge, in loops.
It has a magnetic dipole, in motion, with an electric field.
The triangle, the planck unit, represents this.
See 03.06 to see how charge creates Matter

These 'loops' are standing waves, the foundations of matter.
Tetryonics shows how tetryon form fundamental charge units.
With leptons, quarks, and other forms of 'loops'.
Each is a form of a 'standing wave', of 'radiation circulation'.

Play with it: odd charges are Bosons.
Even number charges are Photons.
Matter is a charge topology; with a neutral charge.
It always requires the balancing of = & - charges.

Gluons are neutral charges;
When there is a surface charge, it will determine how charges must balance.
In fact, Quarks have 3 charges; and electrons and protons 12.
Baryons have 36 charged surfaces: +, - or 0 (neutral).

In physics we call the net charge, 'the charge'.
It is a topology of the particle.
It is much more complex than physics describes.
But very simple, as Tetryonics explains.

All subatomic particles and all matter forms out of tetrahedra.
Physically it is often described as a sphere.
Charge-wise it is always a tetrahedron, with surface charges.
Tetrahedra were not detected, because they are confused in measurement with neutrons and quarks.

  • Tetryonics 06.04 - Tetryon charge geometry.jpg

The equilateral geometries create the tetrahedra.
The book QED follows that exploration.
Look at the four charged surfaces in their connections.
As ++++, ----, or ++-- charges on the surface.

  • Tetryonics 06.05 - Tetryon genesis.jpg

There thus are 2 neutral tetryons, and 1 +-charged, and 1 --charged.
These Tetryons explain everything, in Tetryonics.
It shows the difference between mass and matter.
06.-5 is the Genesis story of tetryonics.

It is always an initial interaction of magnetic dipoles.
This is known as the Weak Force; the 1st force.
When it is released, energy is released: radiate energy.
It is the (un)coupling of electrostatic charges.

The N & S dipoles cancel out.
What can be measured, only, is the electric field.
It is an electrostatic field.
It is different from a magneto-electric field; the reverse.

We have two electromagnetic field; with different dipole directions.
Photons are coupled at the N-S-axis; radiating in 2 opposite directions.
Bosons are electromagnetic waves: radiant energy in one direction.
Four triangles will always combine their electric and magnetic charges, in different ways.

  • *** Tetryonics 06.06 - Charged Tetryons.jpg ***

That creates a standing wave propagating at the speed of light.
That defines the energy of matter; in this closed circuit loop.
Once the tetryon is created, the fields will determine how they link up.
Electrostatic and magnetic fields determine the topologies, of matter

  • *** Tetryonics 06.07 - Neutral Tetryons.jpg ***

06.06 and 06.07 show the charged and neutral tetryons.
These are circuits of radiant energy, at the speed of light, on the surface.
When the Tetryon is broken, all that energy is released: as is seen in stars.
It is the general fundamental principle of Matter collapsing into mass.

  • *** Tetryonics 27.07 - Energy momenta in EM waveforms.jpg ***

We can talk about it, but it is much better if you make it.
You can then see how the +/- and N/S polarities match up.
In your mind look for these polarities and charges.
And look for the circuits/circulations that they make.

Physics does not discern well between longitudinal and transverse waves.
27.07 describes how these two are related.
It is a diamond shaped geometry, of mass-energy radiating out.
The 'pink arrows' whow the 'push' of the planar particle motion.

A left-right field will accelerate a particle.
The linear momentum is co-linear with the propagation.
An up-down field will be orthogonal inducing oscillation.
The particle does  not propagate but oscillates: a transverse wave.

Physics focusses on the transverse waves.
Tesla focussed on the Longitudinal wave.
They are identical geometries of the mass-energies.
Only the direction/angle of the motion differs.

There is much more to be said about this.
It is the foundation of the creation of Matter in stars.
They can be created from combining equilateral triangles.
But they can also be made out of 2 photons: +, -, 0.

A neutral photon we know as “light”.
A - or + photons is the basis for what we call fusion.
2 electrostatic fields fuse, forming a tetrahedron.
Imagine clasping your hands (with 2 possible hand-over-hand options).

The charged geometry forming the standing wave thus 'clasp'.
The mass can 'interlock', thereby forming 'stinging rays'.
That is how Tesla called these 'non-electrons'.
They were 1) longitudinal linear momentum or 2) formations of tetryons.

The Longitudinal waves cause displacement.
Tesla created them by charge discharge from a spark gap.
Since, oscillating (transverse) technology was favoured.
As a result the understanding of DC spark gap discharge was lost.

Modern technology even tries to suppress this.
Many machines are designed to eradicate them.
this is done by 'earthing'; 'short circuiting'.
HF discharge can be felt; using 'Tesla Coils'.

You can feel the air being pushed out.
This does not happen in solid state discharges.
A DC discharge, at 90-degrees to another, creates the 'stinging rays'.
This is a way in which Tetryonic Theory describes that Matter is made.

  • *** Tetryonics 20.02 - Collider particle track physics.jpg ***

Two orthogonal spark gaps fields will produce Teryons.
See 20.02, describing the mass-charge ratios.
This can be confused with quarks or with electron.
Depending if the measurement is electrical, or inertial.

Once this is seen it can be seen that this was always missed in the earlier measurements.
Neural Tetryons will combine to form Neutrino's; as seen in Fission reactors.
Equal amounts of + & - charges produce photons, or neutral tetryons => neutrinos.
That is what is being measured in fusion reactors; and in the sun (by collapsing the Matter topology).

Inside of the tetryon is the inverse.
In collapsing a Matter topology, the radiant circulating energy is released.
This is 200x more efficient than described in Fusion theory.
This is how triangles make matter, and matter can make energy.

Matter is the densest geometry: a 3D topology.
The charges explain all of the associated forces and dynamics.
All of it can be seen by playing with the triangles.
Look for self-repetitive loops.

Once you play with the triangles, look for the relationships between the =/- and N/s.
I started playing with tetrahedra, forming chains.
At that time i did not associate these tetrahedra with electromagnetism.
But i realised that 9 triangles could form a solid topology.

A few days later i realised that i could give numbers to these shapes.
I intuitively called the meeting edges North and South.
Every triangle will have end points: 1, 2, 3.
By associating it with magnetism, N/S, a new understanding fell i place.

Then i was able to put the whole electromagnetic understanding in place.
But also how 12 triangles form the shape of a quark.
Just play with the tetryon template cut-outs.
Only then could i see that i could start with a triangle, instead of the tetrahedron.

I initially made this out of Aluminium, using button magnets.
With an equilateral triangle, the N-S vs S-N are opposites.
This cannot be created out of magnets; without the motion.
This is where the understanding of implied motion in the planck unit can be understood.

Look ate the south pole of a - planck unit.
The opposite side of the S is the S; and of N is N.
Flipping the triangle over does NOT change the magnetic pole.
But it DOES change the electric polarity of the Planck unit

We cannot see this in our mind.
We can only see it by physically making the paper models.
Over 6 months my brain was able to do the reinterpretation.
As a result i then could see the simplicity/effectivity of Tetryonics.

There is no difference between a + and - electric field.
Likewise N & S are in fact aspects of the same.
The only way to understand this is via the Geometry.
That is why i use the colour coding; i.e. our difference in involvement.

What matters, if where the field is placed.
The opposite of N is N, of S is S.
The opposite of the + is exactly the same momentum field.
The difference lies in the way we relate to it; 'face it'.

We change our relationship; this 'invert the vector'.
N & S are 2 aspects of the same.
+ & - are the same.
Understand that polarities are part of the same whole.

With that understanding, the wholeness of the parts can be seen.

  • ***  DSCF0091.JPG ***

I rewrote the books, repeatedly, as i learned to understand.
It took months before i understood it.
Which followed from playing with the templates.
Which then was followed by writing and rewriting the books.

The key in Tetryonics is to play with the physical model.
Only by building with it, can you build understanding.
Then you can see how it physically comes together.
And understand how charge forms matter, and the universe, and us.

  • ***  DSCF0120.JPG ***
  • ***  DSCF0125.JPG ***

We can eparately discuss what you can learn about spatial orientation.
Learn that our brain often fools us; we will misunderstand.
Rotation, reflection, and mirroring can be all very confusing.
Make the models, to see what actually takes place.


Tetryonics is totally totalitarian deterministic
It is a set geometry; and logical set of relationships.
It is in the building, that we operate opposites/freedom-of-choice.
The sorc diagram (source, resistor, coil, capacitor) describes this too:

NEXT: Tetryons and RLC-source diagrams

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