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Evidently, for the maker of Tetryonics and for everybody else, it is an immense surprise that the Quantum can be modelled as an equilateral triangle.
For physicists, the Quantum was the culmination for their quest to understand universal change.
In studying Matter they deduced Molecules and inferred Atoms, and subatomic particles with, as smallest unit for universal change, the Quantum: the leap of one electron from one atomic orbit to another.
But physicists had no clear idea for what a Quantum looks like...

“Then came Kelvin Abraham, with a detailed model for the Quantum”.
Evidently it is strange that it was modelled as an equilateral triangle.
With, in it, a precise shape for magnetic polarity and electrical charge.
But: it worked: all fundamental formulae in physics are found by this model.

A Quantum is a universal unit of change.
It does not exist in space, but acts between space shapes.
It does not act within time but acts at/as the basis of time.
It shows the fundamental unit of energy, in terms of a motion of charge.

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