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"Quantum Theory states that ..." our observation (verb) defermines our observation (noun).
The models that we use determine our thinking, just as sunglasses tint or taint our vision.
The measuring instruments that we design and use, are extension of our convictions.
if (y)our convictions are wrong, so will be (y)our theories/instruments/measurements/outcomes.

Physics is but one part of science where false beliefs consistently determined the outcome.
Consistently the erroneous thinking compensated for the mistaken beliefs/measurement/outcomes.
Scientific heroes were awarded prizes for findings which were later to be wholly discarded.
While so many scientists were discarded by the wayside of science, later to be found correct.

Science is a social consensus creation, which is just as often superstition; and often manipulated via money.
The purpose of science is anxiety/angst reduction, for society and humanity.
Science as such does not exist; it is an anonymised generalised abstraction.
Only scientists exist: individual, biased and subjective.

There was a time that science was Natural, then Mechanical, then Relativistic, then Probabilistic.
Every new model of science was meant to 'keep all the good stuff and get rid of all nonsense'.
But every new model replaced all old nonsense by new nonsense, also.
That is unavoidable: science is a linguistic construct, a Model; not real.

    For a new model to 'work', it must be able to do all the old model(s) did.
    It must be able to do it in a different manner ("it must be New").
    It must be simpler and better to use/understand than the previous model.
    It also must do more than the previous model(s): better understanding, better applications, more uses, less problems.

Tetryonics is an example of such a paradigm shift.
It uses a different concept, yet finds all that was known.
It improves understanding, without need for mathematics.
It integrates existing models, and thereby offers more applications.

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