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Tetryonics represents a different way of thinking.
Tetryonics requires a paradigm shift - in your mind.

    What used to be regarded as nebulous sub-atomic matter ...
    ... is suddenly seen, and modelled in quantum-precise detail.

    Physicist studied materials, described as matter.
    Then they found molecules, described by Chemistry.
    Then they imagined atoms, which are Electromagnetic.
    They concluded that the Quantum is the unit of change for all matter.

Tetryonics turns that insight around.
The end-conclusions of physics is the starting point of Tetryonics.
Science went from classical matter to relativistic molecules to probabilistic atoms to unpredictable quanta.
Tetryonics unifies ALL those findings (and theories) and shows how quanta forms fields, form Matter, and how fields move Matter.

Tetryonics starts with modelling the quantum as an equilateral triangle.
That quantum triangle has electric charges and magnetic poles.
The triangle also has linear momentum and rotational momentum.
Any child can play with the triangles and see how they form fields.

The quanta triangles on their own represent “universal units of change”.
Magnetically coupled, two triangles form a photon, the unit of continuity.
Triangles can form larger triangles, always by an increase by 'squares'.
Triangular fields can overlap and interact, forming all universal forces.

The triangles can also connect up by their edges to form Tetrahedra.
These quantum tetrahedra are called Tetryons; they are the universal units of Matter.
Tetryons are physically inert, but electrically (‘Higgs boson’) charged at the surface.
The Tetryon has 4 unit surface charges: ++++, - - - -, +-+-, or -+-+.

    The Tetryon is a 3D inert topological spatial structure.
    The charges on the surface, and on the inside, balance out.
    The static surface charges form the basis for interactions with fields.
    The inside of the Tetryon has opposite charges; it is its own anti-particle, if inverted.

The linear momenta of the Quanta ... forming the Tetryons ... form a loop.
The Quanta on their own can be described as a "quantum inductive loop".
The Tetryons on their own can be described as quantum inductive resonance.
The interactions between Quanta and Tetryons determine cosmic creation.

Quanta on their own, together, form electromagnetic fields.
Combined, as tetrahedra (the Tetryons) Quanta form Matter.

    Quanta-connected-via-surface-charges are called the "Strong Force".
    Quanta-connected-at-their-magnetic-edges are known as "Weak Force".
    Quanta-partially-edge-connected are called the "Residual Forces".
    Quanta which are unconnected are known as "unit charges".

Gravity is an effect that emerges when Quanta form Tetryons.
As Tetryons, the Quanta (linear/rotational momenta) form closed loops.
The 3D ('perpetuum mobile') Tetryons are structurally totally inert.
But they displace the universal Vacuum Energy, by their form/dynamic.

The Tetryon is the unit-element that can displace Vacuum Energy.
Where more Tetryons are gathered, more Vacuum Energy is displaced.
"Gravity" is the universal pressure of the Vacuum Energy on Tetryons.
Tetryons form Matter by surface charges under 'Gravitational' 'pressure'.

Tetryonics requires a clear distinction between "mass" and "Matter".
"Mass" is an effect of intensification of 2D quantum fields in motion.
"Matter" is formed by 3D topologies of Tetryons under vacuum pressure.
Quanta Energies as mass (motion) and Matter (rest) form the uniVerse.

This web site describes how this can be understood.
If you wish to understand Tetryonics, cut out the Templates.
Play with the triangles, and see how you can form Tetrahedra.
Model how tetryons (Matter) are moved by quanta (mass).

The web pages describe how "mass" and "Matter" are very distinct.
By understanding the differences, mass/Coulomb/charges and Matter/Newton/gravity can be connected.
Also, quantum-relativity, time-space, boson-photon and symmetry(-breaks) become clear.
By seeing how 2D mass and 3D Matter are distinct, it is also possible to see how they connect.

Everything described by physics, and chemistry, as electromagnetism is unified in Tetryonics.
By starting ('bottom up') with the quantum, 'everything falls in place'.
It becomes evident that (Matter) 'gravity' always comes with (mass) charges.
Tetryonics shows everything known in physics, unified, confirmed, corrected.

The quantum is not only the fundamental universal unit of change.
The quantum is also the unit of Freedom of Choice.
Life is (about (learning to)) use of Freedom of Choice, in Matter, in a/our body.
This is described in the web site

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