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When Bosons form a Photon, a quantum of change, becomes a quantum of continuity, in continuation.
The photon, in its way, is the carrier wave onto which change can manifest, physically.
While the Planck quantum of change is the foundation of the Photon - and the principle of coherence, continuity, consciousness, in/and creation.
The 'Barrier of Light' - a.k.a. the Event Horizon - is a platform for ongoing creation, and a basis for continuity in that creation.

Bosons, are the driving force of change, "yang".
Photons are the basic form of continuity; 'yinn".

Photons are the carrier wave, in time, for the forming of the standing wave, in space.
Photons can form matter in its most basic form: a tetryon.
Bosons can form tetryons, different than photon-tetryons.
Essentially: a perpetuum mobile, in a coherent form.

Tetryonics describes the details of how this works.
Evidently, at the core, this is only (‘quantum’) conjecture.
As All theories of (sub) atomic physics are assumptions.
Tetryonics describes the same findings, in a different manner.

Tetryonics bases itself on the most important unit of physics: the Quantum.
It models the Quantum in the shape of a (charged, magnetic) equilateral triangle.
Any child can use the templates to model how quanta form forces, and Matter.
The models that can be made by Tetryonics replicate all fundamental findings of physics.

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