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Dear Editor,

The Guardian consistently aims to inform its readers of important insights and findings.
Even if they are politically controversial … the Guardian stands guard for the readers.

I would welcome the guardian to take a leading role in the following:
In Australia, a lone researcher has shifted the paradigm of physics.

The findings are so fundamental, and insightful, that the readers of the Guardian deserve to know this.
In fact, the innovation in insight is so elemental and simple, … a pre-school-child can learn to understand it.

This new approach to (mathematical) physics is called “Tetryonics”.
The findings can be found on the website

The final conclusion of Quantum Theory, is the starting point of Tetryonics:
The smallest element in physics, is the Planck Constant/Energy/Distance.
Tetryonics starts with this Planck Unit, in the form of a triangle.
And builds up all of the findings of physics, from there: Bottom-Up.

The creator of Tetryonics ‘happened to run into that realisation’.
Now, 5 years later, he wrote 4 elegant books about his findings.
In doing so he solved some of the prize questions in mathematics.
Simply by following the logic of the geometry he had discovered.

In physics, there are very many equations involving roots or squares.
In an equilateral geometry, this has a stunningly surprising explanation.
The squares correspond to the size of a triangle composed of quanta.
While the root is the height of the triangle; and the resulting action.

Some of the findings of Tetryonics are very fundamental and surprising.
For example: an electron has not 1, but 12 Planck unit charges; indeed.
Also, a proton and neutron have the same geometry, but different charges.
Using the Tetryonic models, anyone can cut-’n-paste the shape of atoms.

There is so much to say about this fundamental innovation of all of physics …
that i would suggest the Guardian provides its readers with a course in Tetryonics.
In a weekly column, the readers can then get to know how to use Tetryonics.
Starting with cutting and pasting Planck Quantum triangle, to make matter.

One of the fundamental principles is how energy is different from Matter.
Relativity Theory in its way equated mass and Matter; creating confusion.
In Tetryonics it is simple to see how mass differs from Matter.
(Although schooled physicists may have difficulty letting go of conditioned convictions…) suggests a course.
In an adapted/adopted form, it would be ideal for the readers of the Guardian.
In simple steps, over the course of weeks, they can come to learn physics.
Not the physics taught in school, but the new physics everybody seeks.

The call for the unification of the forces of physics has at last been answered…
The unification of (New) Physics can be found in the Tetryonics Quantum: Bottom-Up.

The Paradigm Shift in Physics becomes most interesting when you can join in.


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