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Tetryonics: Bottom-Up Quantum Theoretical/Geometrical Physics


Kelvin Abraham, in Australia has taken the conclusion of Quantum Theory as a foundation for a reformulation of Physics.
I write you now to let you know of his work; because it fundamentally ‘simplifies’ our practical understanding of physics.

His starting point was the Planck Quantum; interpreted as an electric dipole in motion: a force (with ensuing magnetic induction).
He represents it by an equilateral triangle, which led him to impressive but very surprising findings, called “Tetryonics".
It is possible to represent Planck Quanta in a geometry of equilateral triangles; in a way children can already understand.
And to find, from that, the fundamental constants in physics, and (i.a.) unification of gravitation with electromagnetism.

I first found the work of Kelvin Abraham when i was searching the WWW for info on the Tetrahedron Photon.
I discovered; and the corresponding website

Since i started to explore the work of Kelvin Abraham, i set up, to summarise my findings.
That website is still being developed, but already contains very many hours of interviews with Kelvin Abraham.

It turns out that Kelvin Abraham also looked for a tetrahedral representation of the photon.
But, after having studied the physics and mathematics in detail, had to discard that idea.
Instead, he found that the photon, in Tetryonics, is a matter-less weightless force field.
Which is not affected by the gravitation of stars, but by their electromagnetic fields.

He describes how he was able to see how Planck Quanta create Bosons, Photons, Higgs Bosons and Atoms.
He has been able to make models of atoms, composed of quanta in coherent patterns of organisation.
Therein the minimal structural unit, in space, is a “Tetryon"; a structural Tetrahedron.
The Tetryon is composed of 4 Planck units, together maintaining an ongoing (standing wave) dynamic.

In this way he is able to show how force fields create and maintain Matter.
Which means that all findings of Particle Physics, can now be united with an understanding of Force Fields.
In other words: the immaterial (mass) and the Material (Matter) can now be understood to be connected.
Yet at the same time it is evident that Matter, and mass, each exist within different dimensions.

By that finding Kelvin Abraham was able to resolve some fundamental confusions in physics.
And therein also showed how longitudinal waves and transverse EM waves are interrelated.

I find Kelvin’s work simple and coherent, elegant and consistent.
it is definitely a different way of looking at (mathematical) physics.

In his books he described how from the geometry he rediscovered the Cosmic Constants of physics.
But where he was able to find many fundamental confirmations, he also found some basic corrections.

You can find his books on (right top: handbooks).
You can find the interviews in courses; Kelvin Abraham: Interviews.

Knowing your works and interests, i wanted to let you know of the work of Kelvin Abraham.
Knowing Kelvin, he is very open to see how Tetryonics may be of help in your own research.

Feel well


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