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Lesson 01 - the Planck Unit Earth-Puzzel logo

This, is the starting point of Tetryonics.
It is the foundation.
It is the ONLY building block that is used.
It represents: THE  PLANCK QUANTUM.


I put this as a centrepiece on my desktop background screen.
It helps me keep in mind, in memory, that the planck unit rotates’.
It is two sided: both sides must be kept in mind, and in view.
Only then is its core function - a universal singularity - ‘visible’.


The above two pictures are the sides-of-the-triangle, ‘separately’.
Remember, the one is the other side, the complement, of the other.
In your mind, or by hand, you need to ‘keep on turning them over’.
If you see only one side, you must remember what the other side looks like.


This is the end of ‘lesson 1’.
It shows the Planck unit, the foundation of Tetryonics.
It is the one ‘thing’ that all of Tetryonics is based on.
It is the one ‘thing’, the whole physical universe is made of.

Lesson 2 looks into the details of the Planck Unit.


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